How Can I Say To My 13 Year Old Son His Mother's Cancer Has Relapsed And He May Not See Her In Future. | Milaap
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How Can I Say To My 13 Year Old Son His Mother's Cancer Has Relapsed And He May Not See Her In Future.

 I pray to almighty every day that a miracle happens and I see my wife till my last breath" - Zeakir

"Last 4 years have been trying and testing for us as a family. My wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2014  and it has been an extremely difficult phase personally for me. I had to look after my ailing wife and also my young growing child understand, life may not be normal ahead for us. Apart from the personal setbacks the disease has drained me financially and has forced us to move to my mother in law's house"

4 Years and the relapsed cancer has made chances of survival of Hajeera Dim.

In 2013, the then 30-Year-old Hajeera used to complain of shoulder pain. Initially, she ignored her pain but it never subsided rather the pain became so intense that most of the time she used to lie down in pain.

"Initially we thought it could be due to sitting for a long time in front of the computer and relied on painkillers and prescription medicines. But we did not anticipate it could be something else.." - Zeakir
Almost a year later - It was cancer which was causing this pain.

After almost a year and undergoing a series of tests, Hajeera was diagnosed with bone cancer. Since then Hajeera and Zeakir had to experience painful ordeal of consulting several doctors and bear the consultation charges. Finally, they fixed on Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital & Research Centre and started her treatment.

She went through the numerous sessions for chemotherapy and radiotherapy with a targetted treatment was completely cured of the disease in 2015.

"We were overjoyed to hear the news for her express recovery. We made a fresh start with our lives and were excited to raise our child Aahat"
It had been a year since the family got back with their normal life and towards the start of 2017 Hajeera started staying ill. Her face was swollen and in few months she started vomiting, which was green in color.

The doctors confirmed that this was a case of a relapsed cancer and her lungs and stomach were confirmed to have a cancerous growth.

However, doctors also confirmed that this time chance of her survival are extremely minimal and She may not be with the family for a long time.

Since then Zeakir has been fighting hard to ensure he is able to extend the time he can spend with her and is in urgent need of funds.

Why Should you contribute?

Zeakir has exhausted each and every earning of his on her wife's treatment and is now left with no funds to further continue the treatment. Since last 4 years with help close friends, families and his own savings more than 13 lakhs has been spent on Hajeera treatment.

The Family is living Hajeera's mother since some has to look after Hajeera all the time and also the house rent would add an extra burden to expenses.

Zakir works as a marketing executive in HUL and makes a take-home salary of 15 thousand. He would require at least 3 lakhs to continue treatment and medications for Hajeera.
Your contribution will ensure a young child get to see his mother and also brings peace to the husband who has been running pillar to post to save his wife.

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