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Help 100+ Disabled Employees Of Mitti Café Survive

Recent Update:
We had expected for our cafes to open back in September, but all our corporate including Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, etc. have currently kept all existing contracts on hold as work from home takes over the busy office spaces.

Our employees have been serving the homeless and daily wage earners since we received your support. We have been able to serve over 7,28,600 meals cooked and served by our employees with a disability to the economically weak. With all our cafes within corporate tech parks shut, we are taking a bold step to start our cloud kitchens run by our team of adults with physical and intellectual disabilities.With a presence on online platforms like Swiggy and Zomato (for our first time ever ). We are nervous yet are confident because of the faith you have in us. We need your support to learn new and ensuring our 116 employees continue to earn with dignity.

Sustainable Livelihood and Economic Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities is a dream that we accomplish each day at MITTI Cafe. A chain of cafes managed completely by adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. But today, what was meant to be a self-sustainable means to support these people, has hampered with the onset of the current situation.

MITTI Cafe was started by Alina Alam, for the economic independence and dignity of persons with a disability, by providing training, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities for adults with intellectual, physical, and psychiatric disabilities through the creation of cafes within institutional spaces.

A platform for persons with disabilities to showcase their abundant potential for productive activity and create awareness for the cause of equal opportunities in employment.

The current crisis has led to all our Cafes being shut and we are left with no income to support our 100+ employees with disabilities. Post that, we might not be allowed to operate our Cafes for another 3 months.

Every Person with Physical, Intellectual, or Psychiatric Disabilities we employ come from very low-socioeconomic backgrounds and many are the sole earning members of their families. They are helpless right now and need your support.

By engaging persons with a disability, we believe that they would act as agents of change by example and thereby promote a system of self-sustenance, at the same time enable the promotion of disability inclusion within workspaces.

What had started from Hubli in a dilapidated tin shed with just one trainee on a wheelchair has now culminated into 8 Cafes, across 2 cities in Karnataka (Bengaluru and Hubli).

But today, all our cafes are shut and with 0 revenue its been very difficult for us to support our staff. Please donate generously so that we can save the dreams of these amazing people, who have given their hearts and soul into earning with dignity and proven to the world what the world thought was impossible.

Let us support them in continuing their lives with dignity and let humanity win in this fight

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Charity No: 46-5582871
Note: Mitti is a Non-Profit organization. Donations towards this fundraiser are eligible for any tax deduction under 80G but not for 501(c), etc..