1-Year-Old Akshay Has Stopped Responding To His Parents; Now Needs An Immediate Brain Surgery | Milaap
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1-Year-Old Akshay Has Stopped Responding To His Parents; Now Needs An Immediate Brain Surgery

My name is Vinodha. Akshay is my 1-year-old son. He is too young to understand the complexities he is going through.When he gets the pain, he cries immensely. Yes, he is suffering from Hydrocephalus, a condition in which there is an accumulation of fluid in the brain.

Just when we thought we were complete, Akshay was diagnosed with this disease

I got married to Mahesh 8 years ago. I have conceived twice since then, but both the times there was the miscarriage. I was shattered. My destiny had something else stored for me. Both the times I could not deliver. When Akshay was born last year, we were so happy. It was the best gift one could ever get. We felt complete. Our happiness soon turned into despair when he was diagnosed with this disease.

When he stopped responding to our gestures, we were perplexed

From the 9th month of Akshay’s birth, things started to change. He would sleep most of the time and make least movements. He would not even crawl anymore. Although we had doubts, we waited and wanted to give it some time. Things complicated more when he stopped responding to our calls or hand gestures. We took him to a doctor in the Sircilla district who prescribed medicines for 15 days. However, nothing improved. Akshay’s condition deteriorated tremendously. We were extremely scared and did not know how to deal this.

Akshay has a clot in his brain

Mahesh and I took him to another hospital. Akshay underwent a couple of tests and when his MRI scan reports came, we were completely shattered. I could not hold back emotions when the doctors said my child has a brain clot. A surgery is the only ray of hope, however, he can only be operated after he is 1-year-old.

Immediately after my marriage, my parents died. I was pregnant twice but could not deliver due to complications. And then when Akshay had such a big issue, I wanted to end myself. Each and every moment I feel that I have failed as a mother. But the only thing that kept me going was to give a new life to Akshay with whatever possible resources I have.

How you can help

Mahesh works as a barber in a saloon and earns around Rs 150 daily while Vinodha is a housewife. The family is trying every possible means to arrange funds for the treatment. They have exhausted all their savings and needs support from us.

Your contribution can save young Akshay and help him to live.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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