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This Street Vendor Is Desperately Trying To Save His 11-Year-Old Daughter From Stage Four Cancer

Gagansree is only 11-years-old and doesn’t understand the severity of her disease. The word ‘cancer’ scares her, but she doesn’t know that she might lose her life to it without treatment. Her parents, Murthy and Kanthasree, however, live with the fear of losing her every day. Gagansree has stage four blood cancer and is running out of time without timely treatment. She needs chemotherapy for the next 6 months and medication for two more years to get better. Murthy is desperate to save his daughter but is scrambling to find the means to continue treatment.

Although she has stage four cancer, chemotherapy can save her

Gagansree has stage four lymphoblastic lymphoma, a condition in which the white blood cells become abnormal and grow in an uncontrolled way.

It all started 3 months ago when she had a slight fever. A day later we noticed a swelling on the right side of her neck. We took her to the doctor to get it checked. I remember waiting for the tests, and although we were worried, we never expected it to be life-threatening. The doctor told us it was blood cancer. The reality of the fight ahead of her hit us only when she started treatment and we saw her laying on the hospital bed.”

Gagansree has completed 3 cycles of chemotherapy so far, but she still has a long way ahead of her. She needs chemotherapy for the next 6 months and continued medication for two years after that. The doctors told Murthy that even though her cancer is in the fourth stage, his daughter can get better with treatment. Her life can be saved. While Murthy is relieved to hear about her prognosis, he is also worried about affording her treatment.

Gagansree doesn’t understand the seriousness of her disease and just wants to get better again

Gagansree feels extremely weak. She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her and often asks her parents why she can’t even taste food anymore or play like she used to.

She knows she’s unwell, but she’s only a child. She doesn’t know that her disease is fatal. When I look at her, all I think about is how I’m going to save her. She keeps asking the doctor when she can go back to school again. When she sees all her friends passing by our house on their way to school, she feels bad. We told her that once her treatment is done, she can go back, but I know that's not the whole truth because I can't continue treatment without help.”

Murthy sells lemons on the footpath and can’t afford her treatment on his meagre income

Gagansree needs 13 lakhs to continue getting treatment. Murthy has already taken a loan and spent 3 lakhs so far. He is the sole breadwinner of the family and his minimal income is only enough to keep the family of four afloat.

I sell lemons on the footpath in Bangalore. Even if I work all day, I won’t be able to afford my daughter’s treatment. But giving up is not an option. I’ve borrowed from many people and everyone’s given me whatever they could to help, but it's not enough. It kills me to think that it's our poverty that’s keeping her from getting better. I know she looks to me to be her strength and make everything fine. I'm so scared of letting her down.”

How Can You Help

Gagansree has blood cancer and needs to continue treatment to get better. She needs chemotherapy for the next 6 months, but her father, Murthy, can’t afford treatment on the meagre income of a street vendor. This her only chance to beat cancer and she needs your help to get treatment.

Your support can save Gagansree’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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