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From housewife to saree fabric painter ; the story of Muthudhatchayini

S.Muthudhatchayini is 23 years old, with a two-year old son. When I asked herhow the loan helped her, she told me about all the changes she has been ableto make. She has been able to establish herself in the saree fabric paintingbusiness. Now, she produces 5 sarees a month, and employees anotherindividual. She is also able to spend more time taking care of her small son.Since her monthly income increased by Rs. 4000, she could spend on her son’smedical expenses and buy new clothes for him. She also said that she has beenable to make changes to her house as well – she has built a toilet in herhouse 2 months ago, and plastered the walls. In the future, she wants toincrease her production capacity by learning new techniques and purchasing 2new machines. She is happy with the changes in her lifestyle, and herneighbors are eager to learn from her.

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