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Five things about the Milaap fellowship – An Insider’s Experience

  1. You will be surprised how comfortable you are with strangers, if you aren’t the type already.You will see yourself making effortless conversations with strangers, and you will love it. Suddenly the next door neighbor becomes the most interesting person in your life, or the bus conductor becomes your best advisor for all your local travel queries, or you might connect greatly with a borrower you just met.  All in all, you will develop the right appetite for exploring people and their ideologies.
  1. It’s a fulfilling experience to a true travel buff.I am not talking about the popularly beautiful places, the most luxurious hotels or the most comfortable means of travel, but travel in its truest sense – unexplored remote villages, the freshness of a beautiful morning, speeding local buses on bumpy roads, the sunflower fields, the dust and heat, and the thrill and discomfort of unplanned travel. If you are the type who enjoys the beauty of the good, the bad, and the ugly of travel, the fellowship is your dream come true.
  1. You will learn more from a conversation with a villager than you did from a boring training session at your corporate job (or even an interesting one).She will tell you about her struggle to earn money, her complaints about the inefficiency of the local political party, how notorious her son is, and the beauty of the local temple fair, giving you an insight into her emotions, and teaching you the importance of staying grounded. These are life lessons. They sub-consciously change you for the better.
  1. If you suck at planning, you will suck at making the most of your time.Well this may seem obvious, but this may not be thoroughly applicable to the regular jobs that we take up. A corporate job will not allow dawdling. Every morning a set of mails greet you describing your next course of action, or your supervisor greets you with his next course of action, if you should fail to perform. Here at the fellowship, you are given the complete freedom to plan your day allowing you the chances of screwing up due to bad planning. Nonetheless you will become a better planner at the end of it.
  1. It’s as challenging as refusing your favourite meal, when you haven’t eaten in a day.Well it may not be that challenging, but this undertaking requires careful introspection. It could mean giving up your social life, the comfort of staying in your favorite city, a heavy pay-check (or not), access to your favorite restaurants and shopping malls, but it could also mean changing yourself for the better. It’s important to weigh your priorities.
 [caption id="attachment_6812" align="aligncenter" width="800"]On my way to Mantur, Karnataka On my way to Mantur, Karnataka[/caption]