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Featured Borrower: Sagunthala Chinnapoovan

“I am scared when my family & myself go in the dark to relieve ourselves”

  After 65 years of being in an independent country, it is a national shame that around 50% of the population relieve themselves in the open. With technology & economy booming in our nation we have forgotten to lay emphasis on the basic amenities.

  Sagunthala Chinnapoovan & her family are victims of such unhygienic & unsafe sanitation. Staying in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu called Poosaripatti she needs a loan to build a toilet for her family. Living with her husband & 5 children, Sagunthali believes that proper sanitation is missing & now is the right time to build a toilet to solve the problem.


For Sagunthala & her family it is a burden of fear when they have to defecate in the open. Conditions get worse says Sagunthali especially when her children go to relieve themselves in the dark. She wants to fulfill the basic need of hygienic sanitation with privacy.

    Sagunthala, a dedicated & hardworking woman who works as a labourer says that with a monthly income of Rs.8,700 she will be able to repay the loan of Rs.10,000 with monthly installments to her lenders. You can lend money to Sagunthala here and help her in building a hygienic toilet for her family & herself.