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9-month-old Elisha Has Lost 90% Of Her Small Intestine And Needs A Bowel Transplant To Survive

Elisha is just 9 months old but her body is covered in scars from multiple surgeries. Her life is nowhere close to normal. Instead of being in a cradle playing with toys and a musical mobile, she is fitted with wires and tubes. Elisha was born with short bowel syndrome. Her small intestine is almost nonfunctional.

Baby Elisha started vomiting and her blood rate was too low

When Cynthia was 8 months pregnant, a sonogram revealed that her baby had a cyst. Both Paul and Cynthia were hopeful that it will heal by itself and the doctors gave them hope. When Elisha was born, these parents were shocked to see that their worst nightmare had come true. It had not healed, and it had gotten worse.

90% of baby's intestine is removed and she is unable to eat

A day after her birth, Elisha started vomiting in yellow and greenish color. Her blood pressure was too low. She also had several infections and had jaundice. They were at a hospital in Dindugul and immediately rushed the baby to Apollo in Madurai where they waited till jaundice settled down.

Her veins are all tapped out and she has tubes in her nose

7 days old, Elisha had to go through a surgery that removed 90% of her small intestine. Now her body is unable to absorb any nutrients from her food owing to the reduced length of the small intestine. Since then she is on the total parenteral nutrition (TPN) for survival.

"My daughter has not seen anything in life except pain and surgery. Every inch of her body has been pricked by needles. I'm surprised at her willpower. She survived even when everyone gave up hope. I'm willing to do anything to save her" - Paul Raj

Even after everyone gave up hope, she showed signs of improvement

After the surgery, she again got infections and jaundice. Her weight dropped drastically. Finally, doctors gave up and asked the parents to take her home. Paul Raj and Cynthia did not want to give up. To everyone's surprise, Elisha began gaining weight, and started taking milk. When she showed some signs of improvement, doctors said, they can continue the treatment.

Baby Elisha's condition became worse in few days. Acidity in the blood increased until she began having severe diarrhea and sepsis. The doctors said this has also affected her brain to a small extent. Elisha needed the ventilator to survive.

 Cynthia is spending sleepless nights and is in constant trauma

"No mother should experience this. I was even told to give up on her. How can I do that? Nobody believed that she would survive all these days but she did. These 9 months were filled with nightmares. I hardly slept or ate. I wish I could plan for her first birthday, but I'm thinking about the life-saving transplant she needs to have to get through this once and for all." - Cynthia

Cynthia is literally spending her days and nights in the hospital. Paul has no other option but to work despite the stress because he is the sole breadwinner of his family. Cynthia is both physically and emotionally exhausted. Their only hope is the bowel transplant that will save their daughter's life. Bowel transplant is quite rare in India.

Paul has exhausted all his savings and cannot afford the treatment anymore

How you can help

Paul works for a private company and has exhausted all his savings. He has already spent nearly 17 lakhs and has no other support system. He has come a long way but is still short of saving his baby. Baby Elisha needs an extensive treatment and a bowel transplant which is very expensive. He needs 30 lakhs more which is beyond his means. 

This baby girl has hardly seen life. Your contribution can gift this fighter a new life.

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