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She Lost A Child 2 Years Ago, Now This Mother Risks Losing Another Without A Liver Transplant

"Dengue took away my son 2 years agoI saw a new hope when I became pregnant again with Elina but I have been living with fear of losing her from the day she was born. She is suffering from a severe liver disease.  I'm doing everything possible to protect her but doctors have said only liver transplant can save her life, I cannot afford it. All we have is our daughter, I cannot lose her at any cost," - Tariqunnisa, mother of 9-month-old Elina.

She survived with medicines all these days, it is not helping anymore

Baby Elina was born with jaundice, she was in ICU for 10 days yet her jaundice did not subside. Parents took her to many hospitals, she was weak and did not gain weight at all. It was only during her 4th month, that they found out she has Biliary Atresia in which the bile ducts are blocked and it build up in the liver and damages it. She also has lactose intolerance due to which she cannot have milk, she can have only protein powder. She had high dosage of medicines for liver  problem and for the recurrent jaundice but her condition didn't get any better. Her liver is damaged completely now and only a transplant can save her.

"I ensure that her water is boiled and germ-free. Even her clothes need to be disinfected because she is prone to infections. I stay awake all the time and never move away from her. My relatives said she wouldn't make it, she was not hitting her milestones but I did not give up. I have been doing everything that doctors had advised but all my efforts seem to have gone in vain. I cannot bear to see her suffer, " - Tariqunnisa.

"I can't bear to think how I will live without my daughter"

Tariqunnisa had always dreamt of completing her Master degree and having a good job. She was working before her pregnancy but decided to give up her studies and resigned from her job too only to take care of Elina. She was hopeful that one day, she can be the best role model for her daughter. Her husband  Shalijad, is a mechanic and with his meager income, he struggles everyday to take care of his family. He has been running for help to everyone to save his daughter.

"I do not regret quitting my job or my studies, all I want now is to see my daughter growing healthy and happy. I have almost forgotten the world outside, we have been confined to the hospital and my baby has been through so much pain. We have no strength to go through the pain of losing a baby again, please help us." - Tariqunnisa

Without your contribution, they 'll lose their 9-month-old daughter to liver disease

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 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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