Education loan helped Swagatika to enroll her son Badal in high school | Milaap

Education loan helped Swagatika to enroll her son Badal in high school

I met Swagatika on 17th January in her village Mahavir Basti in Baramunda sub urban area of Bhubaneshwar. Has been doing tailoring work from which she manages to earn just enough to maintain her family.The woman sitting on the extreme right in the picture is Swagatika. She is a member of Khush JLG and has been associated with the microfinance institution for the last 5 to 6 years. She had received the education loan from Milaap for funding the school education of her son Badal. She said that she had a very positive experience in dealing with Milaap field partner and expressed her gratitude to Milaap. With the help of the loan she has been able to enroll her son in school which has ensured that her son’s education doesn’t get hampered due to financial constriction. On being asked what if they would have approached the bank for financial help, she said the villager don’t have the land right where there houses have been built though they have been staying in the village for last 25 years. Without land ownership, it would have been very difficult to get through the formalities of the banks. Swagatika expects to avail the Milaap loan facilities in future as well if the necessity arises.xfvgdfjh

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