A dedication to my new-found friends | Milaap

A dedication to my new-found friends

bus tickets

Local Bus Tickets

The other day, I had to take a bus from Chandkheda to my home. As I solve all my directional problems, I decided to ask someone. At the bus-stop, I found a local bus and approached it. I asked the closest person at the door if the bus would go to my location. He took my question, thought about it and asked a person sitting diagonally opposite to him. She, on the otherhand, approached the problem differently and asked  the remaining 10 people in the bus. Very soon, for the next 6-7 minutes there was an intense discussion about the routes the bus was going to take. Unfortunately, I couldn't spot the conductor or driver anywhere. After a serious debate that had happened on my accord and with 50% confirmation on the bus taking my route, I figured it was just rude to not take the bus anymore. So I got on.

mamta ben

Mamtaben with a borrower: Prayas point-person with Milaap who has helped me every step of the way

The point I was trying to make is, people over here don't just take you at face value. They really try their best to help you as much as they can. Either that or I have met some really nice Gujarati people. In any case, this piece is a dedication to all such people I have met so far. I'm sure in the coming time, I'm going to have more versions of this piece.

Field officers

Field officers from various districts who have helped me meet borrowers and understand the local way of life.