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These Latur Law College Students Are Raising Funds To Save Their Friend From Kidney Failure

Forget education. There's nobody to even buy him medicines or pay for dialysis. After his father's passing, Datta is so dejected that he just wants to stop fighting. The only reason he is going for these dialysis sessions is to survive long enough to help his mother get through cancer.
Datta is 28 years old. He is a student at Dayanand College of Law, Latur. 4 months ago Datta was diagnosed with total kidney failure. He needs dialysis 3 times a week just to survive. This will not help him for long. Datta immediately needs a kidney transplant to stay alive.

An old disease that is back to haunt him

10 years ago, Datta got jaundice. The heavy medicines from the disease left him with damaged kidneys. At the time, his condition was critical and he needed a kidney transplant. Vishnu Shelke, Datta's father, was a humble man. He did everything he could to save his son. After selling assets and borrowing money, Datta got a new kidney. All was fine for a few years.

4 months ago, Datta began having a stomach ache. He vomited because of the pain and even fainted. He went to the doctor and learned that he has kidney failure. Datta probably had a kidney disease all along and he never knew as his body kept deteriorating. He had to again go on dialysis. He got weaker each day.

No money even for a meal

The difference this time is that Datta's mother, Bakulabai Shelke, has been fighting cancer. Whatever his father has struggled to earn and save has completely disappeared into her treatment. He was again in debt. This coupled with Datta's education became a huge burden. The doctor said Datta will not survive for long without another kidney transplant. They have to look for a donor outside the family this time which makes the procedure more expensive.

Unfortunately, all this stress was too much for Vishnu Shelke and he succumbed to a heart attack 20 days ago. Datta has been lost ever since. Both mother and son are giving up on life because of their situation. They are struggling for a daily meal.

There is hope for Datta

When nobody came forward to help this family, Datta's friends from the college set up a fundraiser to help him feel better. They are looking around for donors with O+ blood group, and are also pooling in funds for dialysis until Datta can have the transplant.

Datta's mother is sitting by his bedside day and night. She is also weak. There is not much they can do for each other, but when we are there, they find some solace, some hope.

How you can help

Without a job or familial support, Datta is struggling to pay for his treatment. He goes deeper into debt with each session of dialysis. We are trying to pool funds within the college and help him, but we are far from the goal to help him get a kidney transplant. The cost estimated for the surgery is Rs. 7 Lakhs. With your support, Datta can get this surgery that can not only save his life, but also make his future.

Your contribution will give Datta the will to live, and a chance to get his family back on their feet

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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