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This doctor is giving away blankets to the homeless for winter

Dr Varun Khullar, 27, does not believe in giving money for charity. He believes, that efforts and useful things matter just as much, and create an immediate change. He volunteers his time and efforts in procuring such things that can be immensely useful to the disadvantaged.  

Originally from Delhi, he is in the final year of his dermatology post-graduate specialisation in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. For this winter, he is giving away blankets to the homeless on streets so that they too can stay warm. 

Creating events of happiness : Starting Chhoti Chhoti Khushiyan

At an orphanage, a child confided in Varun that he would really like a birthday celebration with a cake for his coming birthday. This was when Varun realised that people needed small gestures to feel happy. These gestures could be little things that made them feel comforted, valued and safe. That was the seed that started his organisation 'Chhoti Chhoti Khushiyan'. 

“As doctors, we get a good enough stipend. I involve my friends and together we are able to do many such events. We celebrated all 73 birthdays in the orphanage, giving each kid a very special memory for that year. Sharing cake can change lives!” he says.

Varun saves up to 70% of his monthly stipend to give away. So far, Varun has done 20 such 'events' with his own money and the support of his friends and family. He has even adopted a village called Bhuta, 20 kms away from Bareilly. He focuses many of his activities around Bhuta. For this winter, he will be giving away blankets to 2,000 homeless people in and around Bhuta. 

For him, the most rewarding part of these initiatives is the community involvement it creates. “Because I am out there distributing blankets, people want to come along, volunteer and donate more blankets. Some write to me saying they have begun distributing blankets in their own neighbourhood,” he says.

Succour from a harsh winter 

It was the plight of someone he couldn't help that made him want to distribute blankets every year. Last December, as Varun was seeing off a friend at the railway station in Bareilly, he saw an old lady shivering in the cold. She even had a small baby in her arms that she was trying to keep warm. While he was unable to do anything for them at that late hour, the next morning he woke up with a plan. All the people out there need not suffer the cold because there was a way out.

“I went to the market next day and bought 50 blankets. I went back to the station but couldn't find the old lady. I distributed the blankets to the homeless that day. Through that one lady, 50 others could be warm in the winter,” Varun explains.  

Blanket distribution last year

Giving blankets became something Varun decided to do every winter. He reasons that giving blankets is an immediate aid for the many homeless who need to brave the harsh north-Indian winter every year. This year, Varun wants to scale up the blanket distribution efforts because of the response he recieves from his supporters. 

He is purchasing good 2,000 good-quality blankets from wholesalers to give away. He has already given away 52 blankets through the money raised on Milaap. He needs help purchasing 1,700 more blankets. 

Each blanket costs Rs 100 ($1.5) and even a contribution for one blanket can make the winter warmer for a homeless person. Help Varun continue to the good work and show him your support by contributing.

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