Basha quit studies for his mother's treatment, but he has no one to help as he fights for his own life | Milaap
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Basha quit studies for his mother's treatment, but he has no one to help as he fights for his own life

Basha quit college a week after starting his BCom. degree. His mother had just developed thyroid problem and the family desperately needed money to purchase medicines. As the eldest child, Basha stepped up and started working in building construction. Unfortunately, he is very sick now and has no one to pay for his treatment. 

Basha in the hospital with his mother and younger brother

Basha gave up his education and career for his parents and siblings

Basha's family thinks he might have fallen sick due to working on the construction site. His gall bladder was removed and the bile from his pancreas slowly started damaging his pancreas. Pancreatitis is when the pancreas is severely inflamed. It is a painful, dangerous condition that needs immediate medical help. 

Basha's parents Hanumantu and Sarojini are daily-wage workers who work in farms near their village Motapuram, Telangana. Together, they are able to earn Rs 150 per day but their work is seasonal dependant on agriculture. In a year, they earn Rs 40,000 and they used up all their resources to get their children Basha and Satish educated. 

Basha at the site where he used to work before he became sick

Despite that, when it was time for Basha to start his BCom, the family had no money to even buy basic medicines for Hanumantu's diabetes and Sarojini's thyroid problem. Basha had taken admission to a college and even bought his books. But after just 10 days, he had to dropout to find a job. 

Because of Basha's decision, his parents were able to get medical treatment and his younger brother and sister completed their education. Basha's younger brother Satish has graduated and now wants to write state-service exams. But now, Satish might have to take up his brother's old job to save him.

Basha has a painful condition that needs urgent treatment

“His old company has lent us Rs 6 lakhs to pay for a part of the bills. But we need another 10 lakhs to make him better. We don't have any source ofincome at the moment and I can't wait to find a good job. I must take what I get so at least we have some money,” explains Satish.

Basha is battling an excruciating condition till he gets a surgery

Acute pancreatitis is a very painful condition. Till the family is able to come up with funds for treatment, Basha will not find any relief. But the family is struggling for even the most basic necessities and paying for a surgery seems impossible to them right now. 

Basha with his parents 

Basha has been in the hospital the last 20 days and he needs another 10 days' treatment as well as a surgery to get better. Already, the family has borrowed Rs 6 lakhs and they can get no more to save Basha. Even if Satish gets a new job, he will not make enough for the treatment.

Basha is the backbone of his family – the strong one who took care of everything. Without him, everyone is scared about what might happen. Untreated, his heart, liver and even brain might suffer damage. 

Contribute and help Basha make it through this painful condition.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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