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3-year-old Bhavya's Liver Has Failed And She Has Days To Get A Transplant That Can Save Her

Dharani’s daughter is 3 years old. She was diagnosed with a genetic liver disease when she was barely 1. While the father hoped continued medication and proper lifestyle would help his daughter manage the condition, he never expected the disease to affect her brain. Today, when Bhavya has just days left to fight, Dharani must stay at work for extra hours for the few hundreds he can make to pay for the surgery that can save her life.

Bhavya is not even able to tell her parents that she is hungry

“We did not realize at first. She started throwing tantrums, crying for over an hour as soon as she woke up. She would be so adamant asking us to switch on and switch off the fan over and over again. I thought she was just trying to get more attention. It was only later that a doctor told us she needs to see a psychologist.”

Bhavya has been dealing with liver damage even before she could utter her first words. It was hard for the family to hear that her life is uncertain. They did everything to ensure she does not get worse. Bhavya got bland food, medicines, family by her side day and night. The family even moved closer to the hospital. It seemed to help until jaundice struck again.

Bhavya suffers from breathing trouble frequently

 Jaundice has struck, and Bhavya needs to be rushed to the hospital

“The doctor had told us, that the minute we see her eyes or nails turn yellow, we should rush to the hospital for a transplant. We hoped it would never come to that, but when the moment came, I realized we did not have enough money.”
Dharani hoped a government hospital could help. After a few consults, he was referred to yet another private hospital. As Bhavya’s condition gets worse, Dharani continues to drive Bhavya on his bike to the hospital that is 55km away. He cannot afford to admit her regardless of the situation as he can use every rupee they have for her transplant.

The baby girl screams out loud from pain and these parents feel helpless

Bhavya’s stomach swells to the size of a basketball. She screams out of pain so much that we are forced to drain the fluid in her stomach every day. Bile is making her blood toxic. She needs transfusions. The worst part is she has diarrhea over 8 times in a day. The dehydration itself will kill her.”

Bhavya with her parents and her little brother Ritish

Dharani makes around Rs. 500/day as a worker. He used to lead a comfortable life with the family until medical bills began piling on. This father’s worst nightmare came true when even his 1-year-old son was diagnosed with the same disease. Fortunately, the baby boy is surviving on 50% liver function for now.

Bhavya's parents cannot afford the transplant

How you can help

“I will donate my liver to my daughter. My wife wants to work when we recover. All this will be possible only if we have money for the surgery itself.”
Although Bhavya’s mental health is deteriorating, Dharani’s sole focus is on saving her and then rehabilitating her. He believes his little girl is still in there waiting to be rescued. He wishes to give her the life they all dreamed of. With every day away from the hospital, away from critical care, Bhavya’s loses time that could save her.

Your contribution can help this baby girl get a new liver, and live for the first time.

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