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Being the 'Mother' of the house

Thuampui, a beautiful place in Aizawl, Mizoram was a at its sunny best untill I stepped out of home, the entire journey from office to the location I was breathing the aroma created by the wonderful alliance of the raindrops and the breeze. The lush green hills of Mizoram were putting a tinge of heavenly amazement. Those moments of the journey made me lose the sense of time. I was yet to know what an interesting story I was about to acknowledge. Lalnuntluangi's tailoring shop is not the run-of-the-mill shop that you come across, she has kept a section at the gateway for bakery items such bread and biscuits which she gets freshly from the Holy Cross Bakery which is near to her shop. When I reached the shop Lalnuntluangi was engrossed in sewing some pieces, she kindly greeted us with a warm smile and offered cold glass of water. Lalnuntluangi was a vivacious woman who loves to talk about family and life. After general introduction she talked about how she started this small enterprise which has become the purpose of her life. She talks about how difficult it is to raise three children with a miniscule amount she brings in through her tailoring shop. Not just that, she supports her husband financially as he is a law student and isn't employed. It was inspiring to know how she was concerned not just about her children's studies but her husband's education too.Lalnuntluangi, the bread winner of the family beside managing home and her tailoring, bakery shop makes sure she could cater to all the needs of the members of the family including a her old uncle who lives with them and financially supports the family. To be honest I was awestruck by the spirit of that lady who decided to break the stereotypical shacks and educating her husband. Her story strengthened my belief that sometimes you work towards a shared dream and find happiness in the journey itself.