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This 16-Year-Old Who Is In Tremendous Pain May Lose The Ability To Walk Without Your Help

Balaji was just 3-years-old when his mother, Gowri, noticed a swelling in his back. Little did she think that her son would develop a spine deformity and even struggle to walk a just a few years later. At 14, Balaji had his first spinal surgery to correct the deformity which prevented him from walking. Balaji has now developed a lower spine curve and needs to undergo another surgery to correct it. If the surgery isn’t done at the earliest, Balaji might lose balance again.

Balaji Hid His Pain From His Parents

Gowri remembers the day everything changed for her son. Balaji was an active child, but she noticed that he hadn’t grown much over the years. She didn’t give it much thought until the day Balaji was having trouble walking properly.

“It was during the winter. I had taken Balaji to the temple, but I remember he held on to me the entire time. He didn’t walk by himself even once then. When I asked him, he said that it was because he was feeling cold. I didn’t realize then that my 14-year-old son was in so much pain that he couldn’t even walk without my support.”
Balaji hid his pain from his parents so they wouldn't be worried. When he finally told his mother that he had been in pain for a few days already, she and her husband quickly took him to the doctor. Balaji then underwent a spinal surgery at Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital for Congenital Kyphoscoliosis. He was soon able to walk again. However, Balaji has now developed a curve in his lower spine. Without surgery, his condition will decline. The revision surgery will ensure that Balaji has the best chance at a good quality of life.

His Parents Are Still Paying Back Debt From The First Surgery

Balaji’s surgery will cost Rs 3 Lakhs.His father, Narayana, works in a welding shop and makes minimum wage. Gowri has taken up a housekeeping job to support the family. Their older daughter has just completed college and is looking for work. They’re all working very hard to earn. All because they are still struggling to repay the loan of Rs. 2.5 lakhs they took for his first surgery.

“We’ve tried asking our friends and family for help, but everyone has their own responsibilities and problems. We somehow managed to arrange money for his first surgery, but we’re worried about what might happen if we’re unable to arrange money this time.”

Balaji is currently studying computer science at Gopalan Pre-University College. He hopes to pursue B.Com after this. He loves playing cricket with his friends. However, if he’s unable to undergo the surgery, Balaji might never go to college or play his favourite sport.

“We encourage everything he wants to do, but at the same time, we don’t force anything on him. We know he works very hard at college and dreams of making a name for himself, but he needs this surgery if any of this is to be a possibility. “
Balaji needs to undergo the surgery at the earliest to prevent any further physical and neurological problems.

How You Can Help

Balaji has a severely deformed spine. He underwent his first spine surgery last year and needs to have another surgery at the earliest. The surgery will ensure that there is no further damage to his spine. His parents are still in debt for his first surgery, and can’t afford to pay for this one.

Your support will help Balaji live a normal and healthy life.
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