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Give Baby Tanmayi the gift of Vision and Sight

Bhaskar, the bus driver who drove the bus that Nirosha took to her old office, needed her help for his Tanmayi, his baby daughter

On a busy weekday morning, 24-year-old techie Nirosha Dogra received an unexpected call just as she was getting ready for a meeting. Bhaskar, 35 years old on the same morning picked up the phone and dialled the digits on his modest feature phone. He was a driver who drove the 32-seater AC bus that Nirosha took to her old office for 3 years everyday.  The troubled father of 1 needed help and thought of Nirosha.

"Amma, kaasuvainum" (Madam, I need money)." At first, she felt a bit uncomfortable and wondered how to brush him off. After all, his asking for money was nothing new. Back when she took the bus, every few weeks he'd tell her or some other passenger that he didn't have money for lunch and would really appreciate a few Sodexo coupons. Nirosha had always given him coupons but never bothered to find out why he was in a money crunch. She had assumed he asked for money because he thought she was well off.

Nirosha understood that Bhaskar's daughter Tanmayi had an eye condition

That busy weekday morning, among the scorching Chennai sun and a tight schedule ahead, Nirosha decided to question him further, knowing it was serious. "Yen anna?" (Why, brother?), she asked. Bhaskar went on to tell her that buying medicines for his daughter had exhausted his resources. On enquiring further, Nirosha understood that Bhaskar's daughter Tanmayi had an eye condition. She decided to make a stopgap arrangement for funds until something concrete could be done.

Nirosha soon started a campaign for Tanmayi along with her doctor friend

Nirosha was quick to contact a doctor friend of hers who recently completed her MBBS from Manipal University to find out what could be done. She arranged for her friend to talk with Bhaskar and get details about the treatment/medicines so she could make arrangements for subsidized or free medication. When that didn't seem possible Nirosha and her friend decided to start a campaign on Milaap to raise funds for this little child's treatment.

How can you help?

Baby Tanmayi is a 2-year-old chirpy girl who has been diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease (an arterial septal defect -  a hole between the upper two chambers of her heart), congenital Corneal opacities and Congenital cataract. She has undergone a corneal transplant in her left eye and later had the cataractous lens in that eye removed. Her treated eye needs medications such as Latanoprost to keep they eye pressure under control and steroids post transplant to prevent graft rejection.

Her father, the only earning member of the household is unable to bear the expenses of the medicines and the eye patches that are necessary to enable the operated eye to see while the other eye is patched.

The previous two surgeries cost him a total of nearly Rs. 1 lakh and he will need to repeat the whole sequence for her right eye as well.

 In addition, her medications and eye patches (which have to be changed due to risk of infection if used for too long) cost him Rs 1500-2000 per week and he is unable to foot the bills from the medications and her constant doctor's consultation fees.

Nirosha is doing everything she can to help this little angel out. Your help and support can help little Tanmayi get treated successfully!

Click here to help Bhaskar save his 2-year-old baby girl!