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This Daily Wage Labourer Needs Help To Treat His Premature Baby Girl

Rajesh Lanjwal and his wife re-lived the happiest day of their lives when their second baby was born on May 6, 2017. Their day soon turned into one of the scariest days of their lives when their baby daughter was born prematurely, was of extremely low birth weight and suffered from respiratory distress syndrome.

47-year-old Rajesh is a daily-wage labourer who provides pick-up and unloading services of material in Mumbai, forMaharashtra and has been doing so for the last 10 years. The only earning member of his family, Rajesh often works multiple extra shifts to support his wife,  older daughter and himself. He has taken on all shifts possible to make way for his baby girl who is now fighting for her life.

"My family is my everything, my responsibility. It kills me that I cannot provide what is required to save my baby girl. I need to save her. It is my duty." - Rajesh Lanjwal, 47 

"She is just 12 days old. I hope I get to help my baby survive. I will do anything."- Rajshree,45
Rajesh and Rajshree's baby is on CPAP support and is admitted in the Neonatal ICU and will be treated for another 7-9 weeks. The family cannot afford the treatment and hospitalization charges. Rajesh needs all the support he can get to save his baby girl's life.

The Couple's Older Daughter is Willing To Even Quit School To See Her Baby Sister Alive

The couple's older daughter is 10 years old and goes to school. While managing her education expenses, Rajesh is keen on not letting his daughter drop out of school to help with the expenses.

Everyday, Rajesh travels to the hospital after his shift hours and spends nights waiting and watching his child in the NICU. "I will never give up," he said.

"My older daughter is just 10 years old, but she is aware of everything. She is willing to sacrifice everything for her baby sister," said Rajesh.

How Can You Help?

Your support can help Rajesh and Rajshree take their baby girl back home, healthy and happy!

Click here to contribute towards saving this daily wage labourer's baby by crowdfunding.