This 4-year-old’s Heart Is Failing And His Father Begs Everyone For Help In Saving His Life | Milaap
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This 4-year-old’s Heart Is Failing And His Father Begs Everyone For Help In Saving His Life

I kept waiting for a way to gather funds for his surgery. The days turned into months and then 2 years went by. Now, my son’s heart is in such a condition that if he does not get this surgery immediately, I will lose him.

Prashant is 4 years old now. We discovered that he was born with a heart defect. He would turn blue, cry until he could not breathe, and cough continuously. When he was just 3 months old, he needed a heart surgery. If he did not have that surgery, he would not be alive today. The doctor said he was too small for the other surgeries, that we need to go back after he grows to fix the defect. When the time came, I did not have the money, and because I delayed, my son is now fighting for every breath.

My name is Virender Singh. My wife, Renu and I live in Mehruli with our three children. Prashant is our youngest. I work as a driver to make a living. What I make is barely enough to cover our expenses. We have never complained, but Prashant’s condition makes me curse myself for this situation I have brought my family into.

In the beginning, Prashant’s condition crept upon us when we were least expecting it. Every baby gets cold and cough. It was only when he began choking and turning blue that we rushed to the hospital. He has a terrible heart defect. It is almost like suffocating from the inside because his blood gets mixed. After the first surgery, he got better. We never imagined that we would be in this situation again.

2 years ago, on a routine follow-up the doctor said that Prashant is ready for surgery. It would cost us over Rs. 3 Lakhs. I could not afford it at the time. With more hospital visits, medicines, the family expenses, I have not been able to save that much, and now Prashant is suffering.

Prashant’s cough came back. He is not able to stand. He is not able to breathe. He wakes up and starts crying even if he hears the motor. His heart is beating so hard that we are afraid that it will burst. He is always crying. I am just praying for God to forgive my mistakes and save my son. He does not deserve to be punished.

Renu has not left Prashant’s side in the hospital. I keep shuttling between home and hospital because our two older children need me. I have to go to work as well because every rupee I earn matters. Prashant’s life is in my hands, but these hands are empty.

My parents died a long time ago. This is the only family I have. I have been begging everyone for help. Only a miracle can save Prashant now.

My son is just 4 years old. Please help me save him and give him a good life.

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