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People Turned Away This Man's Request To Save His Premature Born Baby Because She Is a Girl

When several people from my village in Rajasthan asked me why I am spending money on my baby girl's treatment, I had only had one answer. I told them that whether girl or boy, it was my child. I had the responsibility of saving her, no matter what. But now, I am at their mercy as we are left with nothing to save my baby,” says Ashok.  

'Boy or girl, it never mattered to us...we would spend on our child's treatment all the same'

 Ashok and Taradevi and came to Hyderabad from their village in Rajasthan around eight years back. They always wanted to have kids as they were ready to work hard and provide the best they could for them. Their dream came true when their first child, Kareena, was born premature five years ago. But she has been struggling with developmental issues right from birth and is slow. Now they have been blessed with another baby girl after all these years, but they may not even get to bring her home from the hospital because of financial difficulties.

 Taradevi did not give up when she was told that she would have an abortion

Pain and confusion took over Taradevi one day, when she was only 28 weeks pregnant. She was sweating profusely and was about to lose consciousness when her husband, Ashok, rushed her to the hospital. Her condition was so bad that doctors were even preparing her for abortion soon. But Taradevi could not allow that to happen, as she had been waiting for years for a healthy baby.

“I wanted to give birth to this baby at any cost. I was in a lot of pain and distress, but I wanted nothing but to see my child’s face at any cost. Even my husband, Ashok, understood when I said that I will not be able to forgive myself if we lose her. Already, I blame myself for what happened with my first-born. I want to save my baby girl,” – Taradevi

Two more weeks of hospitalisation can save their baby girl and Ashok and Taradevi are begging for money

The baby girl of Ashok and Taradevi was born at 28 weeks and weighed only 1.30 kgs at birth. She had to be kept on a ventilator because she had severe respiratory difficulties and could not breathe on her own. Today, she is improving and doctors have hope that she will survive. But for that, she needs to be in the NICU for at least two weeks more. Ashok has begged and borrowed from friends and relatives but could only make around Rs 1.5 lakhs, which was spent on buying medicines and on other hospital charges.

“I am relieved that I get to feed my baby girl in the NICU. Holding her delicate, small body gives me hope. My heart tells me that she will be alright. But the reality is that we are poor people. If somebody kind does not help us, then our baby daughter may not last very long in this world,” –Taradevi

Per day NICU charges amount to Rs 5000, but Ashok hardly makes Rs 500 in a day

Ashok does not know how he will arrange for funds in time. He asked his relatives for money again, but unfortunately they turned him away this time. Visiting his baby girl in the hospital has become traumatic for Ashok as he is doubtful whether he can save her. Looking at her innocent face makes him so guilty that he is not able to eat or sleep properly.

Taradevi and Ashok have no money but they want to save their baby girl at any cost

“I am a simple luggage repairer. On good days, I manage to make around Rs 500. That was enough to keep my family happy as we live a very humble lifestyle. But this is a medical emergency. My new born daughter’s life is in danger. I have already spent whatever money I had saved over the years. I cannot even take loans from the bank because we have no land or property to pledge.” –Ashok

How you can help

Ashok has been not showing up to work regularly now as he is constantly asking people to lend him some money. He has been turned away from people, but he still begs them anyway as he has no other choice. The baby girl has slowly been putting on weight and her respiratory condition is also improving. But Ashok is doubtful whether he will be able to prolong her stay at the hospital, which is crucial for her survival. 

Your contribution can save this baby of Ashok and Taradevi

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 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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