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This 7-day-old Baby Is Braving A Heart Disorder. He Needs An Urgent Surgery

“It was in the final few weeks of pregnancy that I found out my baby had a heart defect. It was too late to do anything, but I only hoped and prayed that I got to see my first born baby. I made him a promise before he was born that I would do anything to save him.”

Sri Laxmi’s baby is only a week old. The new born child is already putting up a brave battle against a fatal heart problem.

The baby was diagnosed with a heart problem even before birth.

Laxmi found out in the 8th month of her pregnancy that her baby had a heart problem. The young mother had been very excited about her first baby, and spent most of her time making plans for the future. The news of the threat to her baby brought it all shattering to pieces. Now, all she wanted was to save the little ones life.

Only a surgery can save the little one.

Laxmi’s new-born baby is struggling to stay alive with a heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. The left side of his heart has not formed correctly. Now, the only way the baby can live is if he undergoes an urgent surgery. This treatment procedure would cost about Rs. 5 Lakh, an amount too huge for the young couple who have just about started their life.

The new-born is putting up a brave fight.

A day after the birth of her baby boy, Laxmi took him to the best Cardiac Surgeon she had heard of. Here, the little one has been in the NICU for the past 5 days, braving his heart problem while he still waits for his surgery. There is no way the parents can arrange the funds within days. 
“The joy of holding your first-born baby in your arms is unmatched. I cannot imagine the happiness being snatched away from me.”
Laxmi is now banking on the support of strangers to save her new-born baby.

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