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12 day old baby needs your help to survive

Ramesh and Shalini are 50 and 46 years old respectively, and have been married for 18 years now. Together, they run a garment shop. They had been trying to have a baby since the beginning of their marriage. It was only after all these years that their prayers were answered. Everything was going smoothly and Shalini was on her way to becoming a healthy mother, when a clot in her brain was located. It was in the sixth month of her pregnancy. The clot had to be removed urgently, but the surgery would mean losing their last chance at having a baby. Then, a cesarean delivery was suggested, and the baby was delivered.

Due to these complexitiesthe baby turned out to be severely under weight. He weighed 600gms, after which he was immediately taken under ventilator care.  It's been 12 days since and the baby's health has slowly progressed. He now weighs 740 gms.Ideally for a healthy baby to go home, he should weigh 1.4 to 1.6 kilos and an adequate level of brain activity.Although in Shalini's case, the baby is responding well to the intensive care but still needs to be on ventilator for another month in case of infection and needs a good amount of feeding.This is Ramesh and Shalini's last chance to see their only child survive.

The neonatal intensive care would cost around Rs 6,85,000. This amount is beyond Ramesh and Shalini at the moment, and they need your support to save their baby.

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