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15-Day-Old Baby Is Inching Closer To Death Due To A Heart Disease Without An Urgent Surgery

“When the nurses said ‘It’s a boy!’ after his birth, I was thrilled. But when my baby didn’t cry even after a few minutes, I knew something was wrong. The last thing I remember before becoming tired out of exertion is seeing my baby being rushed to the ICU from the delivery room. I didn’t even get to hold him once before that. When I opened my eyes, my husband told me that our precious baby was alive, but he has a dangerous heart problem. I was crushed when I realized that was the reason why his little lips were blue. Now we live in fear of losing him soon as my husband has no money for his emergency surgery.”-Shahin, mother.

Shahin’s baby boy was born with a severe heart disease that makes it difficult for him to feed or even cry properly

Shahin’s husband, Jaffer, always made sure that his wife had good food and went for scans regularly during her pregnancy. This being her third pregnancy, Shahin was also confident that she would give birth to a healthy child as she did not have any health issues. However, what happened was the opposite – as their baby boy did not cry at birth like normal babies, he underwent a couple of tests which revealed that his lung veins attached to the heart are in abnormal positions, making the oxygenated blood to leak in wrong chambers of the heart. This causes less oxygen flow in the body as well, making breathing incredibly difficult.

“He has not been able to drink a mouthful of milk properly since birth. He drinks some and then immediately becomes blue. He looks like he is always in some kind of distress. His cries also sound very different. When he tries to cry, he becomes tired fast and stops. A newborn normally expresses his hunger by crying, but my poor baby cannot even do that.”- Shahin.

The poor baby is extremely underweight and is not growing at all

Shahin’s days and nights are spent worrying about her newborn’s health. She cannot sleep at all; all she does is watch him as he sleeps because she is scared he might die any moment. The whirring sound that accompanies his breathing scares her. She has noticed that he is not growing well at all and that fills her with guilt.

“I keep asking myself – Did I eat anything bad during my pregnancy? Did I do anything wrong? Is my son paying for my mistakes? I cannot do anything but blame myself for my son’s condition. He is so light to hold – it’s like even the little milk he’s drinking is not helping him grow at all. I have become distant from my husband as well because all I worry about is my son’s well-being now. But I am helpless.”-Shahin.

Jaffer is a poor driver who cannot arrange enough money in time to save his baby

Jaffer works as a driver on a contractual basis at the Chennai airport. He gets less than Rs 10,000 as in-hand salary. With that, he had to take care of his wife Shahin and two older children, Mubarak (7) and Arshad (2), their household expenses, etc.  But he was able to manage everything till now – this time he needs an enormous amount, something that he has not even seen in his lifetime – to save his newborn son. He does not have enough documents or property to take a bank loan. He was able to get his wife and son discharged for the time being using borrowed money. Even working over-time is not going to fetch this poor father the full amount required for his son’s surgery.

“My son has less than two weeks left to get the surgery. His heart will fail otherwise – the doctors have clearly told us that this is a complex case. I don’t want an innocent soul to die because his parents did not have money to save him. Please help me. I will keep you in my prayers."-Jaffer.

How you can help

Shahin’s baby boy still turns blue periodically due to his severe heart condition. He is going to be in a perpetual life-and-death situation until he gets a surgery. He has only two weeks to get it and live, but his father, Jaffer, has no means to save him. His mother, Shahin, has not recovered from C-section surgery and is in a lot of pain, but all she cares about is his distress. Without drinking milk properly, this baby is starving to death.

Your kind contribution can ensure that this baby boy gets a successful heart surgery and lives a long life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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