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This Juice Vendor Is Running Out Of Time To Help His 2-Month-Old Baby Boy, Who Has A Hole In His Heart

“We haven’t even named our baby because we’ve just been so busy running behind hospitals and seeking treatment. He is just 2 months old and has lost weight too. He needs a heart surgery in the next 6 days” – Kanhaiya, baby’s father

Kanhaiya holding his unnamed baby boy

Kanhaiya and Monika fear losing their 2-month-old baby boy and are doing all they can to save him. Born on January 2, 2018, Monika’s baby has severe congenital heart disease and has a hole in his heart too. He needs a heart surgery in the next 6 days but the only problem is that his father, a sugarcane juice vendor, has absolutely nothing left to save him.

Kanhaiya’s 2-month-old baby boy is critical and has severe birth defects

Kanhaiya and Monika were extremely happy with the arrival of their second child. At birth, Monika’s baby weighed 3 kgs. Just within the first few weeks, the baby boy wouldn’t breastfeed at all and would get very weak. He would also get breathless very fast and cry continuously.

But Kanhaiya and Monika’s happiness came crashing down when they learnt that their baby boy was born with severe heart defects. The 2-month-old is suffering because the roles of the 2 most important arteries of the heart were naturally switched resulting in a birth defect. In simple terms, instead of the oxygen-rich blood, his heart pumps the oxygen-depleted blood throughout his body.

The heart defect has caused severe pneumonia in the baby over the past few weeks. The 2-month-old’s oxygen levels are very low and since the past few days, the doctors kept him alive through oxygen support.

Monika holding her baby boy in the hospital 

The baby has lost one fourth his body weight

Apart from the severe defect in his arteries, Monika’s 2-month-old baby also has a hole in his heart too. His heart is at high risk of failure unless he undergoes a heart surgery in the next few days. Since the baby had stopped breastfeeding, he’s lost a lot of weight and weighs just around 2.4 kgs.

“Any mother would be heartbroken if her child stopped drinking her milk. My wife would always tear up and isn’t able to watch our baby suffer anymore. We were told that the operation had a high chance of being successful and our boy could lead a normal life. What more could we ask for?” – Kanhaiya

Kanhaiya and Monika spent weeks running around in hospitals

“After getting the tests done, we were told that our baby needed surgery when he grew up and turned at least 2-months-old. We visited one hospital after another with the reports and some even refused to treat him saying that it was too risky. This was a difficult time but we finally found a hospital that can treat him.” – Kanhaiya

The parents had to travel 180 kms from their village in Alwar to Jaipur for treatment, leaving behind their 5-year-old son, Nishant. Now, after finally finding a hospital ready to treat their baby, Monika and Kanhaiya are already racing against time to get him the life-saving cardiac surgery but now they don’t have any money left.

Monika and Kanhaiya are running out of time to save their 2-month-old baby

With little time left, Kanhaiya and Monika are in dire need of help to save their 2-month-old boy. Kanhaiya is a sugarcane juice vendor who charges Rs 10 per glass. He earns Rs 9000 every month and apart from providing for his wife and 3 children, he also takes care of his elderly parents. He earns so little that it’s impossible to save anything. Still, he has managed to provide all the Rs 60,000 his baby needed for the treatments until now. He has exhausted all he had saved through hard work over the years and has nothing left.

The total estimated cost of the cardiac surgery is approximately Rs 3 lakhs. Monika, a housewife, and Kanhaiya simply, can’t afford such high costs on such short notice and have no other means left but crowdfunding.

How you can help

Monika and Kanhaiya’s 2-month-old baby’s only hope for survival is to get the heart surgery as soon as possible. He needs the surgery in the next 6 days and his parents are running out of time to arrange the funds.

Your support and contribution will save 2-month-old baby of Monika

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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