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This Mother Has Been Trying To Save Her Baby Daughter From A Killer Disease

I can't sleep at nights, what if my child is unable to breathe, what if she is running a fever and I don't know. Ever since I came to know what she is suffering from, I fear I will lose her.

She was so tiny, she just came to this world. It was only 5 days after she was born. She was healthy and active but the next day her stomach bloated and she was had boils in her body. I still remember the day, when we were taking her to the doctor. We didn’t know that it was last time we would be happy.

The doctor after the tests said that your daughter has a disease and she can contract any infection easily. When we did some research we found that most kids with this disease would die within one year.  

She has a rare, life-threatening disorder called Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency due to which she has bacterial infections that can be fatal since her body isn’t strong enough to fight it.  

In just 4 days, our baby’s life changed

I had a normal pregnancy and delivery. My husband made sure that when our child is born, everything is ready for him. With our limited income, he made arrangements for a get-to-together but before that our newborn daughter was diagnosed with a dangerous condition. Little did we imagine that only a few days later, our daughter will be fighting for her life.

“She was healthy and fine for the first four days after her birth, but on the fifth day, everything changed. Her stomach was bloated, and she had boils in her armpit. The doctor told us she had a disease that didn’t let her fight against any infections and she has no immunity. Even a cold can be dangerous for our baby.”

We can’t even hold our baby for long without putting her life at risk

When the doctor said that we can take her home, I felt like I got my life back but he said she is still at risk. She has to be isolated from people at home as she is prone to infections.

No one besides us can touch her or even see her.  This has made her very frightened and disturbed whenever she is left alone.

To carry my own daughter, I need to sometimes wear a mask and take precautions. Even if we are slightly unwell we cannot go near her. It hurts me that I cannot care for her like I want to.  When she cries instead of running to her, I have to think of thousand things- whether my hands are clean, whether I have any signs of infections, whether my clothes carry any dust particles. My heart breaks to see her in pain.

“We have to keep her in a room away from all of us. We need to keep her away from anything that might harm her. Even when she’s at home, it’s like she’s in the hospital. Our baby can’t protect herself from anything, and as parents, we must do that for her.”

She doesn't have much time left to survive this disease

The only way my daughter can be saved is through a bone marrow transplant. Doctors have said that her life now depends on how soon she can get a transplant. She doesn't deserve a life like this in isolation. At a time when she requires her mother's love and care, she is suffering in pain and what kills me as a mother is the thought that I am helpless. There is nothing I could do except hope that she will be saved. 

She can’t even get a vaccination before a bone marrow transplant. It’s her only chance to make it. This has been the most difficult month of our lives. We haven’t even named our baby yet. Our only focus has been saving her. We’re emotionally and financially exhausted now."

Her doctors call her a fighter, but she can’t be saved if her parents can’t afford the treatment

She falls sick every second day and is taken to the hospital immediately. The doctors call her a fighter as she has bravely survived till now. But all her progress will be for nothing if she doesn’t get the transplant soon.

It will cost 36 lakhs for the transplant. Sachin and I have a 50% match to be her donors.  We can save her if not for lack of funds. Sachin works as an accountant in a hotel in Mumbai and his income is exhausted in everyday treatment and travel. This is a huge amount for us and we have no option left.

How You Can Help

Mitali and Sachin know that their daughter cannot hold on for long without a transplant. They are out of money and have no one to help them. Our timely help could save their daughter's life. With our support, this little baby could be free from pain.  

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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