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This Baby Boy Is Losing Precious Time As His Parents Cannot Afford An Urgent Open Heart Surgery

No expectant parents want to hear from the doctors that they are unborn child might have a problem. Magimai and Newton heard these words during the 6th month pregnancy scan and it changed their lives. The doctors explained everything to them but they could not hear anything beyond 'your baby has a heart defect.' They did not have money or strength to go for further consultations. On August 15, when Magimai gave birth to their son, she hardly could hold him. He turned completely blue within minutes of birth and was rushed to receive emergency care. Without help, the poor parents are struggling to save him.

"Everyone's taking their babies home but we cannot. When I return home and see the empty cradle, I cannot bear the pain and guilt. My baby falls short of breath while feeding and he cries continuously for hours. I don't know how long he can endure this." - Magimai.

The baby was born with a heart disease more terrible than they had imagined

Magimai's baby is diagnosed with a heart defect called Tetraology of Fallot, a condition with multiple heart defects, it causes oxygen poor-blood to flow out of the heart and into the rest of the body. It causes blue-tinged skin and shortness of breath. 
Magimai during her baby shower in her village

Baby needs an urgent open heart surgery

Magimai's baby was in intensive care for a month and those were the worst days of their lives. Those days, Magimai had to force feed him through tubes. When he was out of there, Doctors have told that the baby needs an immediate open surgery to fix the heart defects.

"When my baby was finally shifted to ward, I began to feel hopeful but one night, doctors and nurses rushed to the room, with a grave look on their faces. Suddenly my baby's heart was beating fast and his blood pressure dropped drastically. I thought I would lose him and begged everyone there to save my baby. Now, he is now too weak and barely has the strength to even cry." - Magimai.

Newton, a daily wage worker is in constant fear of losing his only babyIt has been two months since Newton went to work.  He is completely shut from the outside world. All he can think about is his son's life. This is his first baby, he had so many dreams and plans for the baby but now they cannot bring themselves to even name their precious baby. The fear of losing him is breaking them into pieces every minute. Newton has been running to everyone he knew to borrow money but whatever little he gets is sufficient only for the food and medicines.

"I was earning Rs 350- 400 per day. We saved every rupee to buy all the basic needs for the baby. We were determined not to compromise on anything. But now our son is struggling for life and we can't do anything about it. The money I borrowed from my friends is not even close to 1 lakh but I need 4 lakh for the surgery." - Newton.

How you can help

Newborn baby of Magimai and Newton is suffering from multiple heart defects. He needs an urgent open heart surgery. His parents are desperate to take their only baby back home. Poor parents do not have anything left with them and they are borrowing money even for their next meal. With timely help, they can save their son.
Your contribution can save baby of Magimai from dreadful heart disease and help him live a normal life

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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