This mother sits outside the NICU for almost three months while her new-born fights death inside. You can help save Madhavi's baby | Milaap
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This mother sits outside the NICU for almost three months while her new-born fights death inside. You can help save Madhavi's baby

"We have been sitting here outside the NICU for the past 73 days now. In the fourth month of a life I had planned to make beautiful for him in every way I could, we've only been in and out of the Operation Theatre. He hardly got to spend a few days in his house. We had made so many arrangements for his welcome," Madhavi barely manages to speak amidst tears.

Like most young girls, Madhavi dreamed of a fairy tale life

Madhavi hails from a simple background, but she was a very hard-working girl who had wishes she wanted to fulfil. Madhavi had been saving money for years to be able to move into a small house. When she got married to Ashok, and they moved into a rented house, she shared her dreams with her husband, who happily agreed to help her with the same. Madhavi and Ashok are both teachers. The couple started to save every penny they could.

It was amidst this that a baby promised to fuel their dreams and complete their family. 

The news of Madhavi's pregnancy inspired them both to work harder. Ashok also started putting extra efforts in the private tuition he took during the evenings.
The couple was blessed with a baby boy.

However, a cruel and unexpected twist of fate awaited them.

Before they could even name the little one, he started suffering from frequent spells of fever and had to be taken to the hospital again.
He was diagnosed with a short bowel syndrome.

He has undergone around 5 surgeries already. Due to the constant care needed, both Madhavi and Ashok have quit their jobs to be able to take care of their new-born child.

“We have spent all the money we had saved. I had been collecting every penny for the last 8 years, sacrificing many things I could have done instead. What is the point in having a house if there is no family there! We have spent over 10 lakh. That is all we had. We haven’t even spent a penny on accommodation. Friends, relatives, we have knocked on all doors we found.” Madhavi says.

The couple put up a tough fight, and they have almost made it. A final, but crucial month of treatment and observation lies ahead. The baby’s condition is very fragile. He is still suffering from an infection and a liver problem, and must gain some weight to show some improvement.

The final battle

The baby needs intensive care for at least another month. The couple have put a bold fight in the face of these tough times. This is the final stage and they can definitely make it with some help.
Let’s help Madhavi save her little baby.

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