Due to extreme jaundice 6 month baby Jareena has turned all yellow, only your support can save her | Milaap
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Due to extreme jaundice 6 month baby Jareena has turned all yellow, only your support can save her

Khasim and Jereena have a 6-month-old son who developed severe jaundice a week after birth. Because treatment got delayed by a month – the baby's liver is damaged and he needs a liver transplant to survive. At the moment, he is very sick and he needs treatment at the earliest. 

“He is so sick his urine is full of blood”

The birth of a baby is a happy occasion for a family and so it was for Khasim and Jereena. But just a week after the baby's birth – they realised the baby was vomiting everything he ate. He was sick. He was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with jaundice. After that – their baby simply didn't get better. 

Khasim and Jereena with their baby who has turned yellow with jaundice

Khasim feels that because they live in a village near Narsaraopet, Andhra Pradesh, his baby didn't get the competent medical care that would have saved his liver. He came to Rainbow Children's Hospital in late March and the doctors told him his baby needed a liver transplant because his liver was too damaged.

It was a diagnosis Khasim could easily believe – the baby couldn't speak, but looked really ill. “He cries all the time, then he gets tired. His stomach is swollen and his body and eyes are yellow. His is so visibly ill, it is something we can never forget,” he explains. 

Khasim's wife Jereena liberally applies talcum powder on the baby so his skin looks less yellow. She is just as heartbroken to see her young baby is so sick, but like with the baby - she hides her sorrow. When he was born – her two daughters (aged 6 and 4), were excited to see their brother. Now, they know that he is sick and start crying when their mother gets too worried. Jereena keeps a stoic face for her daughters. 

Khasim and Jereena with their daughter and son

The baby needs a liver transplant immediately to make it

Khasim works as a worker in a small factory near in Narsaraopet. He travels every day to work and makes 6,000-8,000 per month. He and his wife don't fully understand what is wrong with their baby, but they have already spent all their savings on trying to save him. Khasim has even taken a loan pay some of the bills – in all spending Rs 6 lakhs till now. 

Khasim has no idea how he will pay back the loan. He has decided to worry about that after the baby gets the liver transplant that can save him. But the transplant is an expensive procedure that will cost him Rs 16 lakhs. With his limited means, Khasim simply cannot raise that much money in the next 2 months. 

Help this desperate father save the life of his innocent, unnamed baby and contribute for the baby's liver transplant. 

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