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Help Asma's Premie Baby Get More Time To Fight And Survive

"We have not even named him. It was so unexpected that it feels like everything we dreamed just collapsed. They carted him away to the NICU, and after that, it has just been racing to save him. He needs time to adjust in this big world. Time costs but we will do everything to give him all he needs."

Asma could not wait to meet her son. She was 7 months pregnant and everything was perfect until she realized the baby was not moving. Soon things took a sad turn. She developed the flu and tested positive for H1N1. The baby was delivered through C-section at 32-weeks weighing 2.6 Kgs. He has multiple medical issues because of premature birth including liver dysfunction, anemia, acute kidney injury and cardiac problems. He needs to be in the NICU on ventilator support until he can completely recover.
Mohammad Hussain Alibaig and Asma live in Bangalore with their daughter. Here, he works as a restaurant manager, while Asma takes care of the household. Although they lived a happy and comfortable life, these parents knew they wanted another child to complete their family. They were happy about the pregnancy and looked forward to greeting their second child.

"For 7 months everything was normal. Suddenly, one day, Asma said she could not feel any movement. We went for a scan immediately. The doctor said she needs to observe the baby closely. Since then, we started going for a scan every few days. She came down with the flu and had a high fever. The doctor said we have to immediately go in for a C-section. They had taken her blood for testing, and when the baby was delivered, the tests came back. She had H1N1. Our baby was immediately taken to the NICU, and Asma needed intensive treatment as well.”
The baby was affected by the infection due to which he was born with several issues like anemia, acute kidney injury, tightening of the cardiac muscle, chronic lung disease, liver dysfunction, immune hydrops and more. He was initially on life-support ventilation, and then moved to respiratory ventilation support as he began to recover.

“My wife and I never expected this sort of a thing to happen to us. We were prepared for a pregnancy and a child, but you never imagine such a situation to happen. Asma also needed treatment for swine flu, and her intestines were in a bad state. She was on TPN, not given food for 4 days, and then on liquid diet. It took a while for her to get back on her feet. Even now she is quite weak.”
Alibaig has spent nearly Rs. 8L on his wife and son’s medical expenses. He drained his savings, sold all the family jewelery, and took help from his brother and brother-in-law to come up with the funds. Eventually, his sources ran out, and now he does not have the means to pay the bills that are still piling up. Alibaig needs Rs. 6L to save his baby boy. This is to give him the treatment and time required in the NICU until the baby can get stronger and recover.

“I have never asked for favors before. Whatever I have achieved today is because I worked hard and did not depend on luck or favors. But, he is my baby. I cannot put pride in the way of his life. I have to do everything possible to keep him alive. The doctor is sure he will make it if he is given time. My problem is financial. Also, I feel so depressed seeing him and my wife in this state. I put on a brave face in front of my family so they keep their hopes up. I feel helpless and let down by how our life just turned in a second.”

Asma and Alibaig need your support now more than ever to help their baby fight through the toughest time of his life, so he can survive and live to the fullest.

Your contribution will save this baby's life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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