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This Mother Cannot Comfort Her Ailing Child Because He is in the NICU Fighting For His Life

Ambika, her husband Kumar and their two daughters had waited patiently to welcome the latest addition to their happy family. They put aside whatever little money they had, thought of suitable baby names and even readied their home in whatever way they could. After the long wait, he finally arrived. His two elder sisters – aged 12 and 13 – could not contain their excitement as they both wanted a baby brother to cuddle and play with.  Little did they know that in 3 days, their bundle of joy would be taken out of their hands into the ventilator, where he is fighting for his life at the moment.

His tiny body has been through a lot already

The baby had an unexpected seizure and everything went downhill from there. His lungs, being underdeveloped, could not even take in air properly because of high blood pressure. In addition to this, the baby also faced prospects of serious brain damage, as a result of his brain not receiving enough oxygen. He is on specialized ventilator support because of severe breathing problems and infection.

They hadn’t held him enough before he got really sick

But what really took the couple by surprise is that Ambika did not have any known issues during pregnancy. “We had not imagined that something like this would happen to us. He got unwell all of a sudden. His body started shaking vigorously and was immediately admitted in a government hospital in Tiruvannamalai, our native city. But his condition failed to improve and he started getting sicker. Within only a week of his birth, we had to bring him to Chennai for better treatment,” says Kumar, a driver, adding, “Ambika cannot even comfort him when he cries. It is the worst that could happen to any mother.”

The only thing they understand is that their baby is serious

Neither Kumar nor Ambika had even heard of the condition that their baby had. All they knew was that their baby was really sick and needed to be in the ventilator to survive.  “Whenever I ask the doctor about the baby, I hear some big words like ‘infection’ and ‘ventilator’. It is just too much for a simpleton like me to understand,” shares Kumar, adding, “I only want my son to be fine. I don’t know how, but I feel like I already know him and he is a fighter. See how he has been holding on all these days. My son will be okay, he has to.”

An inconsolable mother waits for her son to be alright

Watching her baby being fed milk through tubes has been very tough for Ambika. Ever since the baby was admitted, she has not been eating well. She is constantly anxious about what would happen to her baby.

“I have never seen my wife so restless and upset before. It is like she has become a different person. But how can I blame her? Seeing your child fight for his life in the ventilator is a sight no parent can withstand,” says Kumar.

How you can help

Ambika’s  baby has to be placed in the ventilator for another 6 to 8 weeks. Kumar wants to give his baby the best medical care possible but is not in a financially good position. “How much money will a driver like me make in a year? I only get proper work for 6 months in a year. I barely make enough money to provide two square meals for my family,” he says. You can save this baby boy from the worst that could happen to him, and help him return to his loving family.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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