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This 6-Month-Old Baby Girl Is Fighting Cancer Since Her Birth. Your Support Can Save Her.

Today, Baby Misti turned 6-month-old. "She now looks so much like my brother," says Arabinda who adores his little niece. Arabinda's younger brother, Anirban currently lives in the Delhi with his wife and Baby Misti. "They were a happy family of three living in Bokaro, Jharkhand. Throughly enjoying the joys of parenting, Anirban would call me at odd times sharing stories about the baby. But today, our conversation are more about scans, reports and piling medical bills," said Arabinda.

Anirban and his family today live in a small rented house in Delhi. It is barely 2 kms away from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, the place where Anirban spends at least 20 days of every month. Watching Baby Misti grow every day brought him so much joy. But little did he know that his little daughter would soon have to fight for her life mere months after her birth.

When A Swollen Forehead Alarmed The Parents

Baby Misti was a happy child. Her bright beautiful eyes would shine every time the orange jhumar hanging from her cradle made lights and sounds. But with every month, the happiness in her eyes lessened.  She would often fall sick. Fever, cough, cold became a daily complaint. For the longest time, the parents thought is was Bokaro's unpredictable weather change. But one day, when Baby Misti woke up with a swollen forehead, they knew this was not normal.

"I remember that night. Misti had been crying almost the whole night. I fed her a few times thinking she was hungry but she would break out into tears every hour. Later in the morning, we saw that forehead had swollen. My baby must have fighting severe headache the whole night," recalls Sangeetha, her mother, said as her eyes welled up remembering the night the ordeal started. 

The parents rushed her to a local clinic in Bokaro. The doctor's treatment gave Baby Misti temporary relief. But the blood test reports showed a grave cause for concern. On his elder brother advise, Anirban decided to consult doctors in Delhi. Dr Sandeep of Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Delhi confirmed that Baby Misti had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, an aggressive type of blood cancer.

"My heart sank when I heard the diagnoses. She is my little baby. Its been just months since her birth. We never thought those episodes of fever and cough will put her life to risk. How will she fight Cancer? She is just 7-months-old!"

Baby Misti Needs To Undergo Her Third Chemotherapy Session This Week  

Doctors have said that Baby Misti has a good chance of being cancer-free with aggressive chemotherapy sessions. She has completed two cycles of chemo and will undergo the third this week. But family is struggling to keep up with the piling bills. "Doctors say she might need treatment for at least 2 more years. As her father, I feel I might let my daughter down. What if I can't afford treatment? My baby deserves a chance to live. But how will I arrange for 8 lakhs in such short time? I don't even have a job left."  

Just 2 Chemotherapy Cycles Have Exhausted All The Family's Savings 

Anirban worked in a small firm in Noida. He lost his job 3 years ago and since then it has been a struggle to get a job. Sangeetha is a housewife. The family has been living off their savings. But with Baby Misti's medical expenses, the family has exhausted it all. The family had to move to Delhi for the treatment. A small room near the hospital costs them Rs 7,000 a month along with added living expenses.

How Can You Save Baby Misti? 

Anirban has been running from pillar to post to get a job. With 20 days of every month being spent in the hospital, his job hunt has taken a back seat. Today, the family needs 8 lakhs to save Baby Misti. Medical expenses since August have already been a struggle. It's not easy for a parent to see his child fight complications this grave. Your support will save Anirban's 6-month-old daughter. Please contribute now and save Baby Misti.

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