8-Month-Old’s Parents Can’t Even Carry Him Because Of A Large Cancerous Tumour In His Body | Milaap
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8-Month-Old’s Parents Can’t Even Carry Him Because Of A Large Cancerous Tumour In His Body

They say that even a small ray of hope is enough to get through the toughest of times. It’s with this hope that Chaina and Kaiyum came to Kolkata for their 8-month-old’s cancer treatment. Unfortunately for baby Jayet, hope alone is not enough. The cancerous tumour in his body is growing bigger and more painful with each day.

Now it’s so big that even when he cries out in pain, I can’t carry him to comfort him. Even his mother’s touch can hurt him. I can’t hold my own son in my arms. Cancer has taken away his smile, and will take his life too if we can’t continue his chemotherapy.” - Chaina, mother

Their baby was getting sicker with every minute, but they were forced to delay treatment

Two months ago, as Chaina was tickling her baby’s belly, she noticed that his stomach was unusually hard. She didn’t think much of it at first, but at night when she touched his stomach again, she knew something was wrong. The 3 hospitals they took him to said they couldn’t cure him there – they had to take him to Kolkata.  

“They told us he has cancer and there’s a tumour in his liver. As if that wasn’t devastating enough, when we checked how much we had in savings, we realized we had nothing to even take him to Kolkata for his treatment, let alone afford his chemotherapy.”

Family and neighbours were kind enough to help the poor couple to go to Kolkata, but they had already lost two months of precious time trying to arrange for funds. They managed to start his treatment, but can’t continue it any longer.

‘I will do anything to save our son, even if it means being in debt for the next 50 years’

Kaiyum is a simple man, with simple dreams. All he wanted was to give his wife and baby a good life. He’s a construction worker in a small village and earns Rs. 300 every day. Every day was a struggle, there were days when they had to share two rotis between the two of them, but with Jayet’s arrival, things started to look up for the couple.

“Suddenly I started getting more work, everything seemed to be going well. But now he’s fighting to stay alive. I never imagined life would bring us here, I wish it was me suffering instead of him. I will go through anything to save him. Even if it means I’m in debt for the rest of my life….I have to save our only child.” - Kaiyum, father

Baby Jayet needs chemotherapy for 6 more months to survive.

Baby Jayet can’t stop crying. He hasn’t had a second of respite ever since his diagnosis, and the road ahead is only going to get tougher. But with your support, Jayet can get the treatment he deserves and can make it. He needs you.

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