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This 5-Month-Old Is Not Safe From Fatal Infections Even At Home, Needs An Urgent Transplant

‘Your baby looks so chubby, she is so cute’ - that’s all Suresh and Redamma hear when strangers look at little Nayonika. The parents know they deliberately don’t mention her grey hair. She is 5-month-old and is suffering from a dangerous rare disease. The only thing that can save her life now is an urgent bone marrow transplant.

“She needs to be in the hospital right now, even staying at home can give her dangerous infections. But I can’t afford for her hospital stay, I feel helpless and angry at the same time.” - Suresh, father.

With each passing day, Nayonika is only getting closer to death

Nayonika is suffering from a rare disease called Griscelli syndrome, an inherited condition characterized by unusually light skin and silvery-grey hair starting in infancy. She is susceptible to even small infections. The disease can cause death if not treated in time.

“It was just a fever, we thought she would be fine soon. But instead of getting better, my baby only got worse. She was very weak and always running at a high temperature. Finally, a month later, doctors in Bangalore told us that she has a rare disease. The worst thing was that we were told that she was at an advanced stage of the disease. I could see all my dreams and hopes about our child shattering in front of my eyes,” - Redamma, mother.

They shaved off her hair, her eyebrows are all grey - this was not what I had in mind for my baby

"When the doctors confirmed my pregnancy, I couldn’t wait to be a mother. I dreamt of dressing my baby in the best clothes. I was happy to be blessed with a baby girl. As soon as her hair grew, I bought all the hair accessories and groomed my little angel. She loved her colourful clips. But now, the deadly disease made me shave her head and paint her eyebrows in black,” - Redamma.

The little baby can’t even eat to her heart’s content. She pukes out every time her mother feeds her. This is only making her weaker with every passing day.

I can’t afford two square meals for the family, how will I save my baby?

Suresh works as a supervisor in Rajampet municipal corporation and makes around Rs 10,000 a month. With no savings, he borrowed around 4 lakhs with huge interest. But to save his daughter from the fatal disease he needs more than 40 lakhs

“I could hardly go to work once Nayonika started falling sick. I might soon lose my job too. My savings are now over and I am unable to even afford our daily meals. I borrowed from my relatives but my baby is left with very little time. In this short notice, I can’t arrange money for her treatment and her transplant. Please help me save my baby before it’s too late,” - Suresh.

Baby Nayonika can survive with your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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