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Help This Father Save His 20-Week-Old Daughter

Mr Joe, although born in Tamil Nadu, is a Bangalorean by heart. To make both ends meet, he works as a sales person for the past seven months in a small private firm  at Shantinagar, Bangalore. However his earnings is barely enough to run a family of four. 

Joe married Divya five years ago and was blessed with a baby boy, Jonathan in 2013. However they desired for a second child since both the parents had a baby fever for a girl child. But before they could celebrate the joy of a baby girl, she was transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

On 21st December 2016, Divya went for a casual 7 months scheduled checkup, with a slight abnormal swollen face. The doctor diagnosed her with extremely high Blood Pressure (190/110) and was advised to get admitted at Church of South India Hospital immediately. But after prolonged unsuccessful efforts, the BP did not normalise and she was referred to another hospital, Bangalore Baptised Hospital.

On 23rd night, she went into labour, almost 2 months before her due date. Although the doctor operated Divya with multiple complications, they were gifted with a girl child at 12:15 noon. However, the baby was shifted to NICU, much before her parents could enjoy a glimpse of her. What not the baby suffered from underweight, lung infection, followed by intestinal infection and also bleeding brain. She has already undergone two cycles of blood transfusion much before she could turn a month old. Presently the child is suffering from heavy breathing problem also.

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Every day, the parents have a counselling session with the doctor regarding the health of the baby. "I am extremely broken. I tremble in fear to know about any new more complications my child has to bear. This daily morning session have turned out to be my fear factor", said the father.

Mr. Joe earns 18000 per month and his wife is a homemaker. The baby needs medicine worth up to rupees 4000 daily.  The doctors have given an estimation of 7 lakh rupees to continue her treatment and need to be admitted till the end of February in the case of no more complications. Till now they have incurred expenses of almost two and a half lakhs for the baby's medication and NICU charges.Her family is finding it really difficult to arrange money for the infant child.

Joe and Divya have sacrificed almost everything to save their child. A small help from ends will ease the suffering of this family. 

Please donate now and help Joe.