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Separated From Their Mother At Birth, These Newborn Twins Are Fighting For Their Lives In The NICU

“Towards the end of the 6th month of my pregnancy, I felt my baby kicking. I called my husband in excitement to tell him the happy news. Unexpectedly, my water broke during the call. My happiness soon turned to fear as I felt pain in my stomach. By the time my husband reached, I couldn't move because of the pain. The nearest hospital turned us away and the next hospital was two hours away. All along the way, I was only praying that I make it to the hospital in time,” - Jyothi.

Their suffering began the moment they were born

Fortunately, Jyothi gave birth to her baby boys in a hospital but they were born extremely premature. They weighed less than a kilogram, were unable to breathe on their own and were suffering from a life-threatening blood infection. The hospital did not have the facility to save the babies. So, Raj took his newborns to another hospital and admitted them in intensive care.

“This was her first delivery and it was traumatic. She had seizures after four days. I thought I would lose all of them, my wife and my babies. I begged the doctors to save my family. Though my wife was getting better, my twins showed no improvement even after eight days of admission. I feared for their life. I left my wife in the hospital alone and took my babies to Hyderabad from Karimnagar in an ambulance,” - Raj Kumar.

‘I became a mother of two but I could see them only after two weeks’

My babies were born two months early, and I couldn't be there for them. I would call up my husband every now and then for an update. They were miles away from me and I wanted to see them desperately. But I got a glimpse of my babies only after a couple of weeks.The first time I saw them, their tiny little bodies were covered with tubes and their delicate condition only scared me more,” - Jyothi.

‘We struggled for 10 long years to be parents’

‘We both loved children and always wanted to have a family of our own. But, we were an unlucky couple. After 10 years of distress, we attempted IVF process. When Jyothi’s pregnancy was confirmed, it was the happiest day for us. During regular scans we were told that it was twins. We couldn't have a child for 10 years, and now were being blessed with two! We couldn't have asked for more. But now, all our dreams are at a standstill because I cannot afford to save our babies,” - Raj Kumar.

Jyothi during her pregnancy attended her relative's function with her husband, Raj Kumar.

Jyothi and Raj Kumar are allowed to see their twins only once in a day. They wait an entire day outside NICU to see their babies. Though the twins are showing progress, the poor parents have exhausted all their money and are struggling to save their babies.

With medical expenses of Rs. 50,000 every day, This poor farmer is neck-deep in debt 

Raj Kumar is a farmer in Dharoor village, who grow crops on others' farms. He is expecting to gain profits in the next two months, but less rainfall might result in a great loss. It is only when there is good weather that he manages to make around 50,000 per year. With no proper savings, he cannot afford 5 weeks of NICU care for his twins which costs 12 lakhs.

The cost of NICU care for each day is more than 25,000 for one baby. I have borrowed 9 lakhs with huge interest to save them. I’ve tried to borrow more money but nobody is coming forward to help me knowing my huge debt. My babies won’t survive without the support of intensive care. I feel lost and helpless. You are my only hope, please help me,” - Raj Kumar.

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