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This One-Year-Old Suffering From A Liver Disease Can Be Saved With An Urgent Liver Transplant.

Narayan, a farmer from Kerala is struggling to save his one-year-old son, Aswin, from a liver condition. His wife, Remya and two children are waiting to bring back the baby back home. If Aswin doesn't undergo a transplant soon, his survival rate will come down drastically. Without help, this family is now losing hope.

"In March, he was well. We waited for him to gain him weight. But by the end of April, he became sick with recurrent GI bleeding. He got endoscopic banding. Now, he is in ICU on ventilatory support. We are planning to take him for surgery this Monday."- Dr. Mathew Jacob, Aster Medcity, Kochi.

Two young siblings wait for their little brother to come home.

Aswin's siblings, 9-year-old Anaga and 7-year-old Abhinav are waiting to welcome their little brother home. They have hardly seen their brother since he is on and off hospital since birth. Narayan and Remya have left their two children in the care of their relatives as they are trying to save the life their third child.
They have spent over a lakh till now for their treatment with the help of their relatives.

Aswin's condition worsened just hours after birth

Withing few hours of his birth, doctors realised that Aswin's condition was deteriorating. He was a premature baby which led to him being unstable and developed infections. He was admitted to the hospital for over a month.
Choked with tears, Narayan said how he saw his newborn throw up blood. "My wife stopped talking after seeing this. I almost thought I lost her but she gained strength when doctors told us there is a solution to end my son's suffering'".

This mother has come forward to  save the life of her child

Aswin's life can be saved if he undergoes a liver transplant. For a transplant, there is a need for a donor. Remya was identified as a potential matched donor and she was more than happy to give a portion of her liver to save her son.
Aswin's transplant will cost 12.5 lakhs. This is a huge amount for a farmer like Narayan and is looking forward to supporters like you to save his son.

How you can help Aswin

It's impossible for Aswin's family to arrange the huge amount required for the transplant. But with our support, they can save their child. Funds raised through the campaign will go towards Aswin's liver transplant expensed. Your contribution will go a long way and save this one-year-old.

Supporting Document
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, click on 'contact organiser' button on the campaign page.

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