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Help This Mother Save Her 1-Year-Old Baby from Cancer

They say mothers have the toughest job. It’s true but they are ready for it. They are strong and loving. They cannot see their children in pain. 

This is the story of a mother, an orphan, who dreamt of a family. She has one but she is struggling to keep it safe. Fathima is an orphan. Her parents passed away leaving behind her and her little brother. Her aunt raised her. She is married to a handicapped person and has three daughters.

Fathima was happy to finally have a family but her dreams were crushed by the news of her 1-year-old daughter suffering from cancer. Now, this mother struggles to save her baby.

Her Handicapped Husband Is the First Family She Has Ever Had

She didn’t have many dreams about her future. Life didn’t give her many choices. But, when a marriage proposal came through her relatives, she dreamt of having someone who would love her. She would finally have a family of her own. She dressed her best the day her future husband came to see her for the first time. With eager eyes, she looked at him. Seated on a wheelchair was Alaudeen. Fathima looked closely; he had lost his right leg, below the knee. She didn’t feel cheated or hurt. She felt the pain he felt. She felt as if they were destined to be together.  

“Yes, my relatives did brought this marriage proposal because I was an orphan. They didn’t ask my opinion. But, I am not sad that I married a handicapped person. Maybe, it was in my destiny to be with him. To share our pain and find happiness,” Fathima said.

Alaudeen lost his right leg, below his knee in an accident in the factory where he used to work. He moves around in a wheelchair, but he manages to walk with the help of a walking stick. Fathima and Alaudeen have three daughters. The youngest one is 1-year-old Arifa. Even with their limited income, they were living a happy life. However, Arifa’s illness came as a shock to this family.

Fathima Takes Care of Her Handicapped Husband and Her 1-Year-Old Daughter

Fathima is leaving no stone unturned in taking care of her daughter and trying to juggle a lot of things together. She ensures to reach the hospital before Arifa’s doctor comes for rounds to the ward. That day the doctors had given Arifa a few toys to play with and she was having a fun time. However, when Fathima entered the room, Arifa's eyes instantly lit up the moment she saw her mother’s face.

Fathima took her into her arms. “She is just a year old but she has to undergo this pain. I can’t imagine losing my daughter to cancer.” Arifa’s treatment was done for free by the hospital till now. She has to undergo a bone marrow transplant to fight with cancer. Luckily, her elder sister is an ideal match to be her donor. The transplant expenses are Rs. 10 lakhs. Fathima cannot arrange for such a huge sum of money. The only relative she had was her aunt. But, she is old and cannot help her in any way.

How You Can Help Arifa

Fathima is living a life of sacrifices. As a wife and a mother, she has been through the most arduous part of her life, but she is determined and resilient. Nothing can deter her spirit. This mother seeks our help to save her baby. Arifa can cope with cancer with our support. This campaign is raising funds for her transplant and additional expenses that the family has to cover.