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6-Year-Old Orphan Who Lost Parents In An Accident Is Now Fighting Cancer

"He was only 2, when his parents met with a tragic bike accident and lost their lives. He was running around at the funeral, he was too small to understand the loss. Over the years he started to believe that his parents are with God. I take him to his parents' grave every month, but he has never asked any questions. As if this wasn't enough, he is now fighting cancer for the second time. I don't know how much a child like him has to go through at such a young age." - Tanveer, 6-year-old Albasar's uncle.

"With my uncle by my side, I'm not afraid of anything"

Albasar Akhtar is a calm and happy child. He likes to ride his cycle and play with his toy cars. Two years ago, he suddenly started to get swellings on different parts of his body. His uncle took him to many hospitals and everywhere he was told that it was due to heat and they prescribed him medicines. It was only after a few months, that he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of a part of the immune system which limits the body's ability to fight infection and turns fatal without treatment. He had treatment for almost a year and 5 months back just when he had recovered, it relapsed, more dangerous than before.

"He is going through so much of pain. Chemo cycles, high dosage of medicines and injections have made him extremely weak but he never complains. All he wants is that I stay next to him all the time. He calls me 'mama' but when anyone asks him his father's name, he tells my name. He trusts me so much and believes that I won't leave him alone."- Tanveer.

"I promised myself to take care of him as my own- I fear I may fail him"

Tanveer has two children and his daughter is just 4-months-old, but he has sent his wife and children to Bihar and he stays in Kolkata to take care of Albasar. He works in a small hotel and earns around Rs 8000 per month. He has borrowed a huge sum of money, took a loan and managed all these days but now he has nothing left with him and he cannot afford the remaining chemo cycles and the stem cell transplant that Albasar needs to fight cancer completely. He needs 8 lakh and there is no means for him to arrange it without your help.

"For the last chemo cycle, I sold my small piece of land, the only thing that was left. I don't know what I can do. Since the day my sister passed away, I have been taking care of him , now he is fighting for his life. I feel extremely guilty to watch him suffer so much, please help me save him" - Tanveer.

Albasar lost his parents at a very young age and he is now battling cancer. His uncle has tried everything possible to save him, now he needs your help.

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