"Cancer Is Eating Up My 3-year-old Child And The Last Two Months Have Made Him Terribly Weak" | Milaap
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"Cancer Is Eating Up My 3-year-old Child And The Last Two Months Have Made Him Terribly Weak"

“In two months, cancer has eaten up my son – he is so weak that sometimes he feels barely alive.”

3-year-old Akhil is sick with a fast spreading blood cancer. His father Siva takes on contract jobs in nearby towns as a lift maintenance mechanic. But since Akhil has fallen sick, he has not been able to leave Akhil and work. He has spent all his savings and has nothing left to save Akhil.

Akhil with his parents at the hospital

Akhil's cancer is deteriorating fast and his parents are helpless to do anything 

Siva and Divya live in Penamaloor with their children Devi and Akhil. Akhil is the baby of the house. When the doctor in the village looked at his blood test reports and said that they needed to go to a 'big-hospital', they knew this was not normal fever.  

Siva took Akhil to Vijayawada where he was diagnosed with Cancer. The diagnosis was very hard for the parents to accept – Akhil had always been a healthy child. But Akhil's emaciated body was screaming for help. Akhil's parents worry night and day about making sure he gets that help.

“Our son is our life and we have nothing to save him. We don't leave his side because he doesn't like being left alone. We are also scared of not being here if he is more sick. The doctors have told us that treatment will give him a good chance of recovery but I don't even know where to begin collecting Rs 8 lakhs from,” says a despairing Siva.

Akhil has acute myeloid leukemia – a blood cancer that progresses rapidly if not treated in time. To get better, Akhil needs chemotherapy and regular blood tests to monitor his blood cell count. He will need immediate treatment for another 10 months before he can get better.

Akhil with his mother 

Everyone is waiting for little Akhil to get better and beat cancer

Akhil and his parents are now in Vijaywada, where Akhil is getting treated for chemotherapy. Every day Akhil asks to go home. He is tired of the medicines and the sterile smells of the hospital. No matter how tired, Akhil talks to his 5-year-old sister daily. Every day he tries to talk her into taking a bus and coming to him. Devi is just as keen to see her brother.  

“I haven't seen my little girl in 10 days. She is such a wise child for her age. She calls us every day – not once has she told us to come back home to take care of her. She only tells us to take care of her little brother and bring him home. It breaks me inside to think of Akhil not going home if something happens,” says Siva.

Siva has no money and he is living in constant fear of running out of funds and stopping Akhil's treatment. Akhil is already very ill. Stopping treatment at this stage is as good as a death sentence. No parent ever wants to be the reason his child not get a chance to live. Siva is knocking on every door for Akhil's treatment. 

How you can help

Siva is the only working member of the family and everything he could save on his income has already been spent on treatment till now. He has no resources left to save his son. The family is thinking of mortgaging their small home to fund treatment, but even that will not be enough besides adding rent to their expenses.

Contribute and help this desperate father save his son.

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