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10-month-old Agnivo, who is diagnosed with deadly heart disorder needs your help to survive

Agnivo was born to his parents after 6 years of marriage but their happiness lasted for very few months. He is heart disease patient and they learned their baby will not survive without a heart surgery. Now, they are trying hard to save the life of this little toddler.

Agnivo was born with a hole in his heart but parents assumed its minor cold and cough
It’s after a struggle of 6 years and a painful miscarriage that Agnivo was born to the family. His parents were very happy to welcome him to the family. He was a healthy kid with no major health issues. From the third month, he started having some breathing problem but the family ignored it thinking that it is some common cold. It was only a regular check-up that the family took him to where the doctors said he has a hole in his heart. 

His parents were in shock. They couldn't believe their ears. It is at that time that his family decided to take him to Bangalore for further treatment. The test reports in Bangalore revealed that Agnivo was born with an abnormally structured heart and a hole in his heart. This was the actual cause of his breathing trouble.

Poor parents are not in a position to save their only baby
The only curative option for Agnivo is an open-heart surgery. Debashish is a farmer in a small town in West Bengal with no fixed income. He has no relatives to help him in Bangalore. He has to pay rent of Rs.700 per-day to stay in Bangalore with his wife. They have already spent Rs. 10,000 for his medical expenses.

Agnivo has come to our life after a lot of struggle and prayers and now we are not in a financial position to save his life. How can life be so cruel to us? 

Family has come forward to help Debashish save his baby but it’s not enough for the surgery

Debashish needs 3.8 lakhs to save his son. He is asking each and every known person to help save Agnivo. He has arranged for around 2.3 Lakhs but there is a shortage of 1.5 Lakhs. He is very close to winning the battle of saving his son but will lose it without your help

How You Can Help

Support through this fundraiser is the only ray of hope for Agnivo. His parents can only take him back home and give him a healthy future if kind hearted people like you contribute for his surgery. Help baby Agnivo get a new life.

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team

Click Here To Save Agnivo

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