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Agalya does not know that her father cannot afford the surgery that can save her life.

“Appa, will I go back to school as soon as the surgery is done?”

Agalya almost pleads with her father to get her back home. 39-year-old Pichiyappan is unable to answer his daughter. Yes, she can go back as soon as the surgery is done, but she can only have the surgery if he can afford it. If he cannot do so at the earliest, his 12-year-old daughter will not even make it back home.

Both his daughters have Wilson’s disease.

Pichiyappan has 2 daughters, both were diagnosed with Wilson Disease before birth. It is a dangerous condition, leading to the accumulation of Copper in the body, and affecting particularly the liver.His older daughter is only 14 and is being kept alive on medicines for the past 5 years. His younger daughter Agalya’s condition is unfortunately far worse. At 12, her liver has totally been destroyed by the disease, and now she needs an urgent liver transplant to live.

Agalya had to stop going to school.

“My daughter loves sports more than studies, but she wants to grow up and become a teacher. She tells me how she will teach her classes what she has learnt, and it makes me feel very proud.”
Now, it’s been months. Agalya has not attended class in her 8th standard. She misses her school and friends but is compelled to be in the hospital, preparing for a surgery. The little one does not even know her father cannot afford the surgery that can save her life.

Pichiyappan earns only Rs. 8000 a month.

A liver transplantation is the only way Agalya can live. Her father works as a helper in a private company, earning Rs.8000 a month. With the medicinal expenses for both his daughters, this income is hardly enough to make ends meet.

“She is presently on ventilator support, getting prepared for the surgery. She is petrified, but looks forward to going back to school. How do I tell my daughter I do not have enough money to save her life. What kind of father would be unable to save his child!”

How you can help.

A liver transplant surgery would cost Rs. 6 Lakh. Pichiyappan has no way to arrange the funds within a week. Agalya’s liver is giving way fast, and she is waiting in the ICU while her father tries to arrange the funds.Money collected through this fundraiser will go towards Agalya’s surgery. For her father, this is the only way he can save his daughter’s life.

Supporting Documents:

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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