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Any Delay In Treatment Can Cause Brain Damage In This 3-Year-Old And Put Him In A Coma

Rupali tries to make him walk, but he cannot do it. It breaks her heart to see her son crawl around in the house at an age when other kids walk and run. Aditya cannot talk and is always in pain. He is scared of the hospital and anything that reminds him of it. This little child is suffering from a severe disease which has left him with a risk of brain damage and death if not treated immediately with a liver transplant.

“Even after 3 years of age, my little baby can barely speak a word or even take his baby steps. Every moment Manoj and I wait for some miracle to happen so that we have a normal happy family like others. We are dying every day hoping that he would speak to us. But a severe liver disease has kept us distant from happiness.” says Rupali. 

Not just Aditya had bizarre symptoms, but his disease is fatal in itself

3-year-old Aditya showed no signs of illness when he was born. Things started taking a bad turn when Aditya turned 7 months. While a normal baby should get neck control at 4 months, Aditya was not able to hold his head up even when he was 7 months old.
“MRI was done and the reports left me shaking. My little baby has a rare disease called maple syrup urine disease. It is a condition where the body can’t break amino acids in the body. If the amino acid gets collected, it can even kill him. He’s constantly at high risk of seizures and brain damage.”

As a mother, it is painful for me that I can't let my baby eat from my plate

While Manoj works in a private company, Rupali stays at home with Aditya all the time. Rupali tries to make him walk, but fails all the time. Aditya crawls around the house all day and his smile escalates Rupali’s fright of losing him any moment even more. She just can’t afford to let go of that smile.

“Aditya is kept at a low protein-diet and can’t have normal food like us. When Manoj and I settle down for our meals, he just stares at us blankly asking for what we eat. As a mother, it is painful for me that I can't let my baby eat from my plate and he is deprived of any normalcy in life. Giving him normal food means putting him in a coma.”

Parents are forced to lie to their baby to save him

Aditya’s liver is severely affected and his parents are on the verge of losing him any moment. If untreated, life-threatening coma or respiratory failure would occur within 7 to 10 days and this would cause death within several months. Only a liver transplant can save him now. Rupali is ready to donate a part of her liver to save her baby.

“He is such a small baby, he doesn’t even know what is happening to his body. We have to tell him that we’ll take him around and we go to the hospital. It feels terrible to lie to my own baby. He starts crying as soon as we enter the hospital. All we want is to free him from this pain.”

The low protein supplements which are the only part of Aditya’s diets are very expensive because they are not available in India.
Manoj was getting a decent salary and so they managed to spend Rs 10 lakhs on Aditya’s treatment thus far. Now, they are in no position to manage the expenses of Aditya’s liver transplant.

These years has drained us emotionally and financially. We have somehow managed to pay the bills so far. We have spoken to a few relatives, but there has been no help so far. Every day delayed increases my baby’s sufferings. We just keep hoping that the wait doesn’t kill him.”

3-year-old Aditya is suffering from a strange liver disease for which the only way to let him live is a liver transplant. The cost required to save the toddler right now is Rs 15.5 lakhs which the parents have no means to arrange. Upon any lapse of treatment, this disease can cause permanent brain damage and death.

How you can help

Rupali and Aditya cannot watch their son fall into a coma. Every day the unfortunate parents have to see their son look at their plates, wanting to eat one proper meal but they can't feed him. The 3-year-old can be saved from brain damage and death if he receives support for a liver transplant. With our help his parents can proceed with the crucial treatment.

 Your support can help save Aditya

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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