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17-year-old Who Consumed Rat Poison Has 24 Hours To Get a Liver Transplant That Can Save Him

“Adarsh ingested rat poison in a moment of angst, without thinking of the consequences. He is fighting for his life in the ICU because his liver is a 100% damaged. He is also undergoing blood transfusions since yesterday because there is a clotting problem too. The doctors have given him very less time to get an urgent transplant. He is our eldest son, we cannot lose him” - Vinod, Adarsh’s father

Adarsh's parents have not left his side since the incident because they are scared they will lose him any second

Adarsh took the drastic step because he was upset that his father would have to spend a lot of money on his college education because of his bad marks

 Adarsh’s father, Vinod, works in a small grocery shop and used to take care of his small family – consisting of 17-year-old Adarsh, his 13-year-old brother, Abiram and their mother, Shiji – on his meager earnings of Rs 13,000 a month. Adarsh was always worried about how his father would make enough funds to get him admission in a good college.

“We belong to a lower-middle class family and Adrash’s father works very hard to put food on the table and pay the children’s school fees and other expenses. Adarsh was very much aware of this. On the day his 12th board examinations got over a month ago, he told me that he feared he would fail. I told him to not worry and enjoy his summer vacations because he had worked very hard for the entire academic year. He was fine at that time. I never knew my son would do this to himself” - Shiji wails uncontrollably talking about her dear son who may not survive without the liver transplant.

All Adarsh hoped to do was study well and make his father proud

That fateful day he had gone to his mother’s sister’s house to check his results because he was too scared to do it in front of his parents

Adarsh had not scored too well in his class 11 exams and was determined to do well in the 12th boards. Anxiety and worry had taken over him the day the results were to be announced because he hoped to do well, despite the fact that he could not write his exams satisfactorily.

“On the 10th, when the results were going to be announced, he told me that he wanted to go to my sister’s house. I told him to go ahead because I knew he was going through a lot of stress. But if I knew that this was on his mind, I would not have allowed him to go. He is not a child who doesn’t care about us…my poor child succumbed to all the expectations that society and his parents put on him unknowingly” - Shiji

Adarsh was rushed to a nearby hospital in but they warned his parents that things could quickly spiral out of control and they did

After consuming the poison, Adarsh started feeling really guilty. Within a few hours, he told his aunt and uncle about what he had done. They informed his parents and rushed him to a hospital in their hometown of Payyoli, Kerala. His stomach was cleaned and the poison washed away, but the doctor warned that its effects would really show up after a few days only.

This family is in shock over what happened with their dear Adarsh and cannot afford to lose him

How you can help

Adarsh’s emergency liver transplant costs Rs 18 lakhs, an amount that his father, Vinod, will not be able to arrange on time. He has tried asking friends and relatives, but no positive response has come so far.

“They told us that rat poison will start showing its effect after 5 days exactly. And it did. He started falling unconscious after 5 days. When we took him to a good hospital in Kochi, the doctors told us clearly that his liver had been compromised. Now there is no way he can live without getting a new liver.” - Vinod, Adarsh’s father

Your small contribution can dry the tears of this family so that they bring Adarsh back home healthy and happy

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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