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This 3-year-old Who Itches Until He Bleeds Needs A Liver Transplant To Stay Alive

Abdul is 3 years old. He has been suffering from a painful liver condition right from birth. Although his parents tried everything to save him, it has gotten worse. Now, only a liver transplant can cure his disease and keep him alive.

He had jaundice for 3 months and we kept hoping he would recover

Abdul had jaundice when he was born. Mohammed was concerned about this, but the doctors assured him that this was normal, and his baby boy would recover soon. 3 months passed, and Abdul showed no signs of improvement. Mohammed and Zubia went back to the hospital looking for answers.
“We shuttled between so many hospitals because I did not want to accept the diagnosis. He was born with a metabolic disorder that was not allowing his body to digest food. His liver was failing as a result. Adbul clock started ticking from when he was born, and we had to do everything to save him. Until he was 18 months old, the doctor said medical management can cure his disease. It did not. We had to choose surgery.”

My son has not slept in weeks and his cries keep us up all night

Although Abdul had a major surgery for biliary diversion, it did not help alleviate his condition. Over the past year, his stomach has bloated, he is hardly able to retain food, he is not putting on any weight, and itches all the time.

“I cannot remember the last time he slept without sedatives. He itches continuously until he bleeds. It is so difficult for us. We sleep for 3-4 hours every day and now we are also falling sick. Listening to him cry all night breaks our heart. Most of all, we are helpless because we cannot stop whatever is bothering him. He is frustrated, in constant pain, unable to control his bowels, hungry, with his skin screaming for his nails to rip through them. What can I do to help my son?”

Abdul will not survive without this liver transplant

“We trusted that he would get better with medicines. He did not. We trusted that the medicines would work as he grew. They did not. We trusted the first surgery would fix him. It did not. My son is dying. This transplant was the answer right from the beginning. We could not afford it then, we cannot afford it now. He is just 3. He does not deserve this. Please help me save him.”

How can you help?

Abdul’s condition gets worse every day and now his only hope is a liver transplant. Mohammed is a salesperson at a small shop earning Rs. 8000/month to feed a family of 6 including his wife, two children and elderly parents. He has already spent over Rs. 5 lakhs on Abdul’s treatment after borrowing from relatives, friends and with a little help from the Delhi government. Now, in Chennai, he is unable to source funds for Abdul’s liver transplant which is estimated to cost Rs. 22 Lakhs.

Your contribution can help Abdul get a new liver that will gift him a life without pain for the first time. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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