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2-year-old Aaradhana Suffering from Kidney Failure and Her Parents have Run Out of Money to Save Her

2-year-old Aaradhana was diagnosed with Pneumonia.She had persistent respiratory distress leading to kidney failure. She was on dialysis all this while. Her condition turned out to be very critical and the baby underwent an immediate surgery. But she needs to undergo further treatment to ensure better health and survival.

Aaradhana in hospital

She was diagnosed with Pneumonia followed by kidney failure

Aaradhana was a healthy and cheerful kid when she was born. Unfortunately, her health took a drastic turn leaving the entire family in distress. She was rushed to hospital with a very high fever, cough and breathing trouble. They visited several hospitals in 3 months as she was not showing any signs of improvement. Tests later confirmed that she has severe pneumonia. Before they could come to terms with it, she was also diagnosed with kidney failure.

Her father is forced to quit the job and now the family has no source of income

Aaradhana has a 1-year-old brother and her mother is forced to stay at home to take care of the little one. Her father who works as a security guard has been running to pillar and post to get money for the treatment. He tried by all means and borrowed heavily from his relatives and friends.

“ Aaradhana’s grandmother is taking care of her in the hospital. I’m desperately trying to raise money day and night. Her mother is at home with our younger son. We are longing for her to come back home. It is heart-breaking to know that we are unable to help her come out of the pain”

She needs to quit treatment if she does not get money

Aaradhana was on dialysis and the strict fluid allowance and diet made it extremely difficult for her. Her blood counts dropped drastically and she underwent blood transfusions. Suddenly her condition became serious, she underwent an immediate surgery. But she needs extensive follow up treatments to recover completely. Aaradhana’s treatment was possible till now only because of support from friends and family. Now her father is penniless and may have to take the most tragic decision of quitting the treatment due to lack of money.

Aaradhana with her grandmother

How Can You Help?

Aaradhana’a father was earning only Rs 10,000 per month. Now that he has quit the job, they have absolutely no source of income. He has already borrowed Rs 3lakhs. He will require 3 lakhs more to continue the treatment and cover the cost of medicines. You can save the baby by your contribution.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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