A toilet gave back her dignity and safety. Here's how. | Milaap

A toilet gave back her dignity and safety. Here's how.

Jack Sims, later known as the “Toilet Man” founded the WTO in 2001. No, not the World Trade Organization, but the World Toilet Organization. He uses humour as a means of getting people to open up and face truths about a topic that is normally considered taboo or "dirty". But from 2001 till now, how far have we come? From one man starting a movement, to becoming an official UN day to involving countries around the world, the movement has gained huge momentum. Sanitation is still not something that people talk about freely, but the need for sanitation is pressing. The statistics are alarming – over 7 lakh Indian children under the age of five die of diarrhea annually and Indians possess more mobile phones than toilets. We all read this and wince, and close the page. Don’t. Not today.bringing-in-a-sense-of-security

Damayanti lives in a very remote village Gurudi Jhatia, in Odisha. She has a young daughter and a mother in law to take care of. She found it hard to manage without a toilet in the house. She had to walk for quite a distance to the fields, where she would be able to relieve herself. Not only did this pose concerns about her security, but she was forced to leave her young daughter alone as well. With a toilet in the house, she is able to save time and devote more attention to her family.

It’s World Toilet Day. Help someone like Damayanti get access to a toilet, to safety, to dignity. Stop talking and act now.