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A Little Help & Narmada Pushed The Boundaries!

Narmada Behera has just completed her Class 12 examinations. Her exam results are yet to be declared; she is expecting them soon. Once, the results are out, she intends to apply for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) course specializing in Economics. This hard working student knows very well how competitive the world is. Unlike many of her peers, she didn't want to sit idle at home during the interim. She joined a Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) course at a computer institute near her home. She paid a part of the fee using part of the loan she received from Milaap, Crowdunding in India. The rest of the loan, she wants to use for her Bachelor's course.

Her father runs a small kiosk selling milk and milk products from the local dairy while her mother rears cattle for milk. Together, they make a maximum of Rs.10,000 during good months, which is just about sufficient to make ends meet for their family of five in this expensive city of Bhubaneswar.

Narmada's plans for education would have seriously narrowed if not completely been abandoned, without her education loan from Milaap. She can now pursue courses of her interest and concentrate solely on her preparing for a good career, rather than compromising on account of her poor financial background. Seeing her uncle who works for Syndicate Bank in Bhubaneswar, she is impressed by the career opportunities and growth the banking sector provides. She wants to pursue a short-term course on Banking along with her Bachelors or after her Bachelors. She dreams to see herself as a successful banker a few years down the line.