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5 Things That We Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here again! While people all over the world are giving thanks for myriad things - personal, professional, national or international, we at Milaap would like to share with you the reasons that make us thankful! 1) Our Lenders:  What would an online fundraising platform be, without the people who raise funds? We are incredibly thankful to these folks all over the world, who pitch in to empower our borrowers and support us by either liking our post, sharing them or even commenting  about the content that goes up. We wouldn't be where we are today, if our community never supported us. THANK YOU!  :)India, Thanksgiving, milaap 2) The faith that we see in the world. It's the faith that people have in humanity, and the wish to help, that creates our lenders!Lenders Milaap  3) The parts that fit - when teams come together and do what they do best!Team At Milaap 4) Colleagues who are friends, not just team members. One of the best parts of working with like-minded folks, is that you make a whole bunch of new friends!Team Milaap 5) Internet that works in office. We know this digresses from all the other things we are thankful for, but we are very grateful when we have fast Internet in office! NO MORE DINOSAURS! :DImage 5 What are you thankful for today? Write in to us in the comments below! You could also choose to make someone else experience the true joy of Thanksgiving, by giving them reason to be thankful.