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3 former Devadasis run 3 thriving businesses

For years, the Devadasi system has been abolished now. But as most of the former Devadasis never had an opportunity to go to school, they have a limited skill set, and manual labor pays very little, which isn't enough to provide for a decent living. Faced with these crippling circumstances, anyone might have given up hope, but not these three women I visited. They decided to start their own microbusinesses. But, they had no initial capital to do so. The tons of paperwork required and high interest rates made banks an unlikely ally; so they turned to lenders like you and took a Milaap loan.
49-year-old Rekha Katimani, hailing from Chikkodi in the Belgaum district of Karnataka, runs her own betel leaves business. She buys them in bulk and sells them during weekly markets in Chikkodi and nearby villages. Everyone in her family has been involved in this business for the past 15 years, and whatever she knows, she learned from them. She is able to make a profit of Rs. 400 to 500 during a single market day. 
Rekha selling beetle leaves in Chikkodi market
Renuka Kamble (the group leader), also from Chikkodi, runs a sari business from her house itself, and invested her loan amount to buy aaris. She is a proud mother of 3 daughters and 4 sons, all of whom are married and are doing well in their lives. Her sons help her with the business. She sells saris ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500 and is able to earn a good profit of Rs. 150 on an average from each sale.    
Renuka at her house
Kasturi Idumani turned around her life by starting an animal husbandry business. She recently bought a buffalo using the loan amount. Kasturi lives with her 3 sons in Kappalaguddi village. 2 of them had to leave their education to start working and support the family, but her youngest son is pursuing his Master’s degree, and intends to get a good job. “My youngest son wants to study and I will do whatever it takes to help him achieve his dreams,” she says.
Kasturi and her buffalo
All three of their businesses are thriving, and they are happily looking forward to a brighter future. 

Renuka in her house